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Control Of DC Motors With Energy Recovery

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Control Of DC Motors With Energy Recovery
Control Of DC Motors With Energy Recovery

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Video: Field Weakening Control of DC Motors 2023, February

Sprint Electric has presented its expanded range of digital DC converters up to 2250 A. The DC converters of the PLX series are suitable for the control of electric DC motors in metal processing, in steelworks, in mining, in the cement, rubber and plastics industries as well as other branches of the heavy industry. According to the company, the converters can feed the braking energy back into the main network without intermediate storage, resistance throttling or additional power bridges. The motor controls are available with current values ​​up to 2250 A and supply voltages up to 690 V AC. They should be compact, powerful, flexible and easy to program thanks to the Drive Web control technology.

Two-quadrant and four-quadrant versions

DC converters from the PLX series are available as two-quadrant version or regenerative four-quadrant version. Four-quadrant DC converters use two thyristor bridges for drive and braking modes in both directions. This should make it possible to reverse the torque for slow or almost immediate load reduction with simultaneous energy recovery. In contrast to AC converters, a DC converter can develop full torque at standstill and keep the load stationary. This should be done with absolutely safe operation. According to Sprint Electric, mechanical brakes are no longer necessary, a decisive advantage for winding machines and hoists. This property should also make DC converters a solution for applications such as extrusion, mixing and rolling machines,which require high starting speeds and precise control at low speeds or standstill, as well as for paper, wire drawing and processing machines.

Two three-phase busbar versions available

All models from 650 A to 2250 A (980 kW) are available in two three-phase busbar versions, with infeed from above or from below. The two feed options make it easier to continue using the existing cabling when retrofitting. In new systems, the designer should be given more flexibility when planning the cabling. PLX series DC converters are available with 480 V AC as a standard version or with 690 V AC as a high voltage version, which enables the use of 750 V DC armature motors. Compared to the standard voltage, the shaft power is increased to 1500 kW in the 2250-A model. This means a 50% increase in performance without increasing the cable cross-section.

Control the converter via Ethernet

Thanks to the Drive Web control technology, the converters can be controlled via Ethernet; they do not require a PLC or a higher-level computer. The motor control system includes graphic configuration tools for the diagnosis and configuration of all converters and drives in the network - locally or remotely via the Internet. The graphic tools are intended to enable full configurability of the converters, service diagnostics, complete documentation and a user interface for local operation. DC converters in the PLX series are designed for the following fieldbus communication networks: Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet / IP, Modbus and CANopen.

More than 150 models for controlling DC motors

The entire Sprint Electric range includes more than 150 models for controlling DC motors, which cover both single-phase and three-phase, regenerative and non-regenerative applications: analog speed controllers from 2 A to 330 A, digital DC converters from 12 A to 2250 A, digital controls for slip ring motors from 12 A to 1680 A as well as field controllers and thyristor stack controllers. (sh)

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