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Steplessly And Fully Electrically Adjust The Height

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Steplessly And Fully Electrically Adjust The Height
Steplessly And Fully Electrically Adjust The Height

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Video: MC-866 Electric Height Adjustable TV Lift 37-65" with Remote Control max 50kg max VESA 600x400 2023, January

When adjusting the height of heavy loads, hydraulic systems are often used, which use a hydraulic pump to push oil into the lifting elements and cause an upward movement. The problem: In addition to the lifting elements and a control system, a pump and hydraulic lines must also be installed on the property. That takes up space and time. Suspa offers an alternative: the Movotec spindle motor system (SMS). This is 1: 1 interchangeable with the hydraulic systems, since the hole pattern for the screw connections, the geometry and the size are identical.

"The SMS only consists of an electric motor with a spindle gear, the so-called actuators (lifting elements) and a control system," explains Andreas Strobel, Director Marketing and Sales Mechanical Applications. "This means that it takes up less space than a hydraulic system and is quicker and easier to install."

Compact and powerful

Despite its compactness, the SMS is powerful. Each actuator can lift 150 kg. Up to eight actuators can be connected so that the manufacturer can move a maximum load of 1.2 t. An integration of the SMS in production and assembly lines should therefore be extremely easy to implement. The speed is 8 mm / s. The electric spindle drive should also allow greater freedom of movement. Since the mechatronic system works without hydraulic oil, loads of up to 75 kg in the direction of pull are also possible. With many hydraulic systems, on the other hand, it is not possible to actively withdraw the oil because this would create a vacuum.

The SMS is used, for example, in work and assembly workplaces. It is available in four sizes - with stroke lengths of 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm or 400 mm. The desired height can be continuously adjusted using a hand switch that can be mounted on the object. In the 300 version, for example, the system is retracted 635 mm long. If the motor opens the spindle, a maximum length of 935 mm is possible. (sh)

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