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Workout In Virtual Worlds

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Workout In Virtual Worlds
Workout In Virtual Worlds

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Following the model from Greek mythology, Johannes Scholl glides over a river, past a mountain range. Then, just before a cloud front, he shifts his weight and starts to dive. But unlike the high-spirited Icarus, who came too close to the sun, the industrial designer’s adventure does not end in the sea. He doesn't need wings either, but a pair of virtual reality glasses - and his Icaros fitness machine. Scholl is the creative head behind the light metal frame, which is mounted on a solid stand and can be freely pivoted up to 50 ° along its transverse axis. Rollon's built-in linear technology plays a central role in virtual flight because even a slight muscle tension is sufficient and the sensors of the frame, which can be moved in all directions, transmit the new body position to the flight simulation.

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Linear technology ensures constant flight

"Icaros allows the user to dynamically assume different positions in the roll axis and tilt axis", Scholl explains the principle. Despite rapid load changes and changes in the center of gravity, smooth and smooth movement must be guaranteed. On the recommendation of the plant manufacturer involved, Novega, the two developers Johannes Scholl and Michael Schmidt turned to the Rollon Group for the design of the roll axis. The full-service provider and system supplier for linear technology recommended the Curviline arch guides with radial bearings. The system is electrolytically galvanized and consists of the rail and one or more runners. Curviline is suitable for applications that require both straight and curved movements - as is the case with the fitness machine.The bow guides are normally used in industrial environments and in the construction of ships and rail vehicles. They are designed to be robust to ensure protection against corrosion in accordance with ISO 2081. They are u. a. for packing stations. There they ensure the smooth running of rounded security doors. Such a real glass pane weighs 60 kg to 90 kg - a weight class that is also typical for athletes on Icaros.Such a real glass pane weighs 60 kg to 90 kg - a weight class that is also typical for athletes on Icaros.Such a real glass pane weighs 60 kg to 90 kg - a weight class that is also typical for athletes on Icaros.

VR fitness

Train while playing in virtual worlds

Tailor-made, exactly as specified

For Icaros, Rollon realized the rail with the required radius and length, tailor-made and exactly as specified. The curved guides are available in different versions with constant and variable radii in the rail widths 16.5 mm and 23 mm. A single rail can include both curved and straight sections. Depending on the application, the steel-galvanized rails ensure travel distances of over 3000 mm and the runner speeds of up to 1.5 m / s. Four rollers arranged in pairs keep the preload along the entire length of the rail. The movable roller mounts and the paired use of concentric and eccentric roller journals ensure smooth running with a complicated track.The carriage body is adjusted by simply adjusting the roller journals - without play or with preload on the rail.

Together with the tilt axis, the Curviline curved guide forms the heart of Icaros. It enables the athlete to move freely in two axes. The principle behind a successful flight performance: While forearms and shins rest on the steel frame, it is important to keep your balance by skillful balancing. (sh)

Linear technology

Trucks become off-road campers

* Klaus-J. Hermes is Marketing Manager at Rollon GmbH in Düsseldorf

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