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Making Machine Safety Future-proof

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Making Machine Safety Future-proof
Making Machine Safety Future-proof

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Video: Implementing Machine Safety 2023, February

The current machine directive already takes into account the increased software share, but still assumes a static model: basic programming and basic functions of a machine are retained over their useful life. The machine only has to go through the entire process again if there are significant changes.

Standardization bodies are in demand

This approach certainly reflects the current reality. In the life cycle of the next generation of machines, however, the machines and their functions will constantly adapt and develop. Owners or users change programs or add new ones. The machine manufacturer can no longer be responsible for this. The question of safety for self-learning machines and systems is even more exciting and we will have to discuss and solve them and many more in the standardization committees.

In the future, machines must be able to negotiate the necessary machine safety themselves. To do this, we need cross-manufacturer defined or standardized calculation formulas from which the machine alone can calculate the characteristic values. This is the only way that modules, machines and systems can be combined to form collaborative systems and lines. While there are already defined levels in machine safety, which must be achieved, this is not yet the case with data security. A generally applicable systematic is currently being discussed there in the security standard IEC 62443.

Decentralized machine security

Regardless of this, Bosch Rexroth is already making future-ready technologies available that meet the new challenges. Decentralized drive solutions with integrated safety functions react without going through central controls. They therefore work independently of process changes. Synergies with Bosch, especially in the field of sensor technology, open up additional opportunities to promote decentralized machine safety. The first projects with machine manufacturers and end users start here.

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