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Interface-free Communication For Industry 4.0

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Interface-free Communication For Industry 4.0
Interface-free Communication For Industry 4.0

Video: Interface-free Communication For Industry 4.0

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Video: What is OPC? UA in a Minute 2023, February

A main topic of the EPSG booth is the completely interface-free communication within and between production systems. The manufacturer-independent communication protocol OPC UA is regarded as the de facto standard for automation applications in the industry of tomorrow. That is why the EPSG and the OPC Foundation are currently working together to make all machine data usable across manufacturer and platform boundaries.

New Powerlink products

In addition to new Powerlink products from Danfoss, STW and Advanced Motion Control, the modular I / O system U-Remote from Weidmüller with Powerlink connection will be presented as a special highlight. U-Remote is described using modular XDD files and can therefore be easily integrated into any engineering environment. When integrating machines and system parts into complex production lines, machine and system builders benefit from the high migration and diagnostic capabilities of U-Remote.

Another focus of the EPSG booth is the seamless integration of robots in Powerlink networks. Among other things, implementations by KUKA and Comau are shown. In addition, the current status of a robot project is presented, which students from the University of Poitiers are implementing as part of the Industrial Ethernet Awards. Registrations for this competition are still possible until the end of the year. (jv)

SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 2, Stand 410

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