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ABB Germany Doing Well In The First Half Of

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ABB Germany Doing Well In The First Half Of
ABB Germany Doing Well In The First Half Of

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The German ABB AG met its targets in the first half of 2016 despite the still difficult market environment: order intake and sales were above plan, although the previous year's figures could not be fully achieved due to a historic large order in the previous year's period. Order intake fell slightly to EUR 1.68 billion (previous year: EUR 1.74 billion). In contrast, base orders (under $ 15 million) have increased. Sales remained roughly the same at 1.63 billion euros (previous year: 1.65 billion euros). As of June 30, 2016, the German ABB employed 10,480 people.

Smart home and robotics are well received

One of the major orders of approximately $ 140 million came from the transmission system operators Energinetdk in Denmark and 50 Hertz Transmission in Germany. “With the next-level strategy, we were able to maintain the previous year's level even in a challenging environment. In this way, we have further increased our market share in mechanical engineering and food & beverage,”reports Hans-Georg Krabbe, CEO of ABB. "The figures are also evidence that, in addition to the core business, our new products are well received by the German market. Examples are the new systems for building automation, which enable an increasing networking of functions in the smart home, as well as our robot business with a growing range of applications.”

Electrification with increased sales, process automation in the decline in orders

Business development in the individual areas was different. The Electrification Products division recorded an increase in both order intake and sales. Order intake rose from EUR 645 million to EUR 668 million, sales from EUR 620 million to EUR 638 million. The Industrial Automation and Drives division also increased its order intake. It amounted to EUR 268 million, 14 percent more than in the previous year (EUR 234 million). Sales remained at the previous year's level at EUR 231 million.

The Process Automation division recorded a decline in order intake, which was EUR 262 million and EUR 300 million in the previous year. The main reason was a large order that the Power Generation division had won in the previous year. In contrast, sales increased from EUR 256 million to EUR 286 million. In March of this year, the Power Grids division booked the order of Kriegers Flak. In contrast, however, there were some large orders in the previous year such as Nordlink - the longest HVDC link in Europe from Germany to Norway. As a result, the level of 2015 at EUR 559 million could not be reached, it was EUR 483 million. Lower sales in offshore wind projects also led to a decrease in sales overall to EUR 479 million (previous year: EUR 551 million). (kj)

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