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News From The Digital Enterprise Product Box On The Way To Industry 4.0

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News From The Digital Enterprise Product Box On The Way To Industry 4.0
News From The Digital Enterprise Product Box On The Way To Industry 4.0

Video: News From The Digital Enterprise Product Box On The Way To Industry 4.0

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Video: Private 5G networks will serve as a foundation for Industry 4.0 2023, January

“Siemens is actively driving digital transformation. We have consistently expanded our offering, especially in the area of ​​cloud data platforms and thus new digital business models,”explains Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Siemens Executive Board. "This enables our medium-sized and large customers to invest even more in holistic approaches for the consistently digitized industry."

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MindSphere IoT ecosystem is the foundation

MindSphere is the basis for applications and data based services from Siemens and third-party providers, for example in the areas of predictive maintenance, energy data management or resource optimization. MindSphere offers customers a development environment in which they can integrate their own applications and services. In the MindSphere Lounge - an area of ​​over 400 m² - Siemens and partner companies will present their ideas and applications at the booth. Visitors will also learn how easily machines and production systems can be docked to MindSphere applications using Totally Integrated Automation.

Exhibits are intended to underpin digital skills

Siemens wants to demonstrate its digital expertise with two exhibits. The application for discrete manufacturing is a modeled pilot plant that illustrates the performance of the Mechatronics Concept Designer from Siemens PLM Software. For this purpose, all modules used were brought together in a kinematic model. This creates a detailed digital copy of all components, which depict their functioning and simulate the physical behavior (multi-body physics) and the automation behavior. Users can thus simulate and optimize the sequence of all individual movements in the virtual image. The Mechatronics Concept Designer also offers open interfaces for other tools and a Gantt chart with all phases and dependencies. So you can see in the early planning phasewhere sequential movements or parallel movements are possible. For the plant manufacturer, this means a noticeable shortening of the project duration, faster commissioning and - due to the reusability of existing data - simplification when replicating the same and similar plants.

The digital twin remains up to date

The second exhibit uses the example of a pump application to show the possibilities of systematic optimization over the entire life cycle of a system based on real application cases. With Comos as the central engineering and data management platform, everyone involved in the planning has a uniform, continuously updated database available for consistent data storage. Users can use the virtual, identical image of a plant generated during engineering - the digital twin - to simulate and optimize commissioning, operation and maintenance. With Comos Walkinside, the user has a high-resolution 3D virtual reality display that visualizes engineering data. This means that you can navigate through the virtual image in the early planning phase of a system,for example to check the accessibility of critical assets. The functionality of the control system is tested with the Simit simulation software, which means that possible errors can be identified early and corrected before the system is started up. The bi-directional data exchange between Comos and Simatic PCS7 keeps the digital twin up to date. Plant operators benefit from a continuous and optimized flow of information at all levels of the production process and throughout the entire operation. The Operations Intelligence software solution XHQ converts the "Big Data" of the system into "Smart Data" and provides processed process and system data for management decisions almost in real time.The exhibit at the Siemens booth shows the optimal interaction of all components for electrification, automation and digitization using the real pump drive train. The simple integration of energy-efficient drive solutions into the customer application and the automation environment over the entire life cycle of a system (Integrated Drive Systems) leads to shorter time-to-profit.

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