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BASF And Hyundai Motor Presented Racing Car Concept

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BASF And Hyundai Motor Presented Racing Car Concept
BASF And Hyundai Motor Presented Racing Car Concept

Video: BASF And Hyundai Motor Presented Racing Car Concept

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Video: RN30 Story (EN) 2023, January

Because the RN30 is designed as a racing car for racetracks, low weight and a low center of gravity are crucial. While high-performance vehicles typically contain carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) to reduce weight, the partners abandoned the obvious idea of ​​using CFRP. Instead, they examined alternative lightweight materials from BASF that are suitable for high-performance vehicles.

For example, the PUR-RIM and hard integral foam systems made of Elastolit from BASF enable the implementation of sophisticated design elements such as fenders and spoilers of the RN30 due to their very good flow properties. The materials developed for add-on parts combine high quality with low weight and a paintable "Class A" surface. The RN30 also has semi-structural sandwich solutions for the interior floor, which also reduce the weight considerably and at the same time enable a highly efficient production process. Elastoflex E, a BASF polyurethane for spray impregnation for very light and stiff sandwich structures, consists of a long fiber reinforced surface layer and a paper honeycomb structure and is therefore the ideal material for these applications.

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Durable materials for maximum security

At maximum driving speed, the driver must be able to rely on the unlimited quality of the durable and reliable materials. Infinergy from BASF is the world's first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. In combination with an elastic coating, it is used in the padding of the roll bar of the RN30 because of its long-term durability and excellent elasticity. But speed is nothing without control. Fast cars also need powerful braking systems. Here, BASF has developed a pioneering technology: Hydraulan 406 ESI increases the resilience of the elastomers in the brake system and exceeds the demanding technical and legal requirements for modern premium brake fluids.

To enable the complex and compact electronic assemblies of the RN30, the new BASF plastic Ultramid Advanced N makes a decisive contribution to miniaturization, functional integration and freedom of design. It can be used in electronic components as well as for structural parts on the engine and in the transmission in contact with hot, aggressive media and various fuels.

Interior optimized for racing experiences

When designing the interior, RN30 designers and racing experts from Hyundai Motorsport worked closely together to design a cockpit that helps the driver focus his attention even more on driving. A bucket seat for racing that adapts perfectly to the driver's body and an integrated roll cage that increases the stability of the vehicle body protect the driver in precarious situations.

For parts with complex geometries such as the seat shell and backrest, BASF offers Ultracom, a thermoplastic composite system for components with continuous fiber reinforcement in injection-molded structures. This makes it possible to reduce the weight of the seat while maintaining optimal strength and rigidity. The seat shell and backrest owe their final shape to a coordinated combination of semi-finished products such as tapes or laminates and extrusion materials. The unique BASF simulation tool Ultrasim, the Ultratest test facilities and the BASF processing technology center play an important role in the entire process chain of seat component production when realizing such parts.

Efficient heat management and natural fibers contribute to sustainability

Racing cars are reduced to the essentials in order to avoid unnecessary weight, for example caused by air conditioning. The car stays cool and comfortable with thermal management solutions such as BASF's near-infrared foils, which protect the RN30's windows from the sun. The completely organic and transparent film has the advantage over metal films that it only filters infrared rays and is transparent to other rays such as light, GPS or telephone signals.

The water-based binder Acrodur strengthens the natural fibers and enables an environmentally friendly, dimensionally stable and primarily lightweight solution for composite materials in the car such as dashboards and door panels of the RN30, which can be manufactured in a variety of ways for high-quality design.

Color and coating solutions for unlimited design options

Color stimulates imagination and individualization. The water-based ColorPro IC "Performance Blue" basecoat comes from one of the latest generations of individual colors with a wide range of colors, flexibility and unsurpassed quality. It gives the RN30 its sparkling look. In addition, the innovative iGloss Easy-to-clean clearcoat from BASF with its advanced technology helps to significantly minimize even the smallest scratches. The valureTM transfer coating technology patented by BASF is used inside the vehicle: It enables high-quality surfaces with almost unlimited design options and enables unique material combinations from numerous flexible substrates such as leather. The coated surface remains breathable and soft. (qui)

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