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VDI Receives German Economic Film Award

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VDI Receives German Economic Film Award
VDI Receives German Economic Film Award

Video: VDI Receives German Economic Film Award

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Video: Christoph Waltz at THE 28TH EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS, 12 December 2015 Berlin, Germany 2023, February

Brigitte Zypries, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), has awarded the Association of German Engineers VDI the German Economic Film Award 2016 in the category "Image Films from the Economy". The coveted trophy was awarded to the VDI for its film contributions to the image story “Engineering Stories”. The films were produced together with Zeitsprung Commercial GmbH and Scholz & Friends Düsseldorf. The 49th German Economic Film Award was presented on October 18, 2016 at the Kino International Berlin.


A robot as a work colleague

Make engineering services visible to everyone

With the films of its campaign, the VDI shows how engineers improve everyday life and how diverse the engineering profession is. VDI Director Ralph Appel says: “Engineering services are omnipresent, they are the cornerstone of Germany as a business location and are still far too often overlooked. As VDI, we wanted to change that with the engineering stories. The award with the German Economic Film Award confirms that we have chosen the right approach."

The German Economic Film Award is one of the oldest German film awards. The BMWi has been awarding the economic film prize annually since 1968 for documentaries that deal with topics of our modern industrial and service society in an outstanding manner and present them in an understandable manner for everyone. The German Economic Film Award has been part of the Federal Government's Culture and Creative Industries Initiative since 2008. (kj)

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