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Quantum Leap For Decentralized Drive Technology

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Quantum Leap For Decentralized Drive Technology
Quantum Leap For Decentralized Drive Technology

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Video: Taking the Quantum Leap 2023, February

It was time! In the context of Industry 4.0, drive technology plays an important role, after all, automation is unthinkable without "driving force". We have now gained 20 years of experience with motion control and know the requirements and wishes of the users very well.

And what do users want?

On the way to Industry 4.0, motors and controls have to meet three major requirements: decentralized intelligence, real-time communication and flexibility in use. The market demand for flexible control and the clear announcement that Ethercat and a USB connection are mandatory. In addition, there was always a desire for more and more flexible I / O interfaces. Fast bus systems, synchronous movements and fast control are the basis for highly dynamic servo systems in automation and robotics.

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How does the new generation of motion controllers meet these requirements?

We have focused primarily on easy commissioning and usability as well as well thought-out functionality. This means that the controllers can be connected very easily using the connectors that are used throughout and comply with today's industry standard, and the accessories are complete and well thought-out. We have also significantly improved the user software. For use without a higher-level controller - these applications are already well represented - there is a powerful, yet easy-to-use programming environment. And: Both hardware and software offer expansion options if required.

Do the new controllers only work with the motors from the Faulhaber portfolio?

Like the existing and still available products, generation V3.0 is tailored to our engine portfolio, but not limited to it. The devices can be integrated into very different environments via the various interfaces - RS232, USB, Canopen or Ethercat. This makes it much easier to integrate third-party motors. Both hardware and software offer expansion options; we continue to adapt both to customer requirements. This is how we create specific software versions for many customers, which are then only registered and protected for them using a special number. The same applies to the hardware: Here too, we implement different form factors and make adjustments.

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