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Universal Problem Solver Brush

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Universal Problem Solver Brush
Universal Problem Solver Brush

Video: Universal Problem Solver Brush

Video: Universal Problem Solver Brush
Video: Creating and controlling curve brushes in general and also when making straps in ZBrush 2023, December

Strip and sealing brushes are among the universalists in Kullen-Koti's product portfolio. They also prove themselves as reliable problem solvers in many functional areas in mechanical engineering and sheet metal processing. They are available in numerous variants with different profiles and trim materials as well as pre-configured or ready-to-install parts. If you were to organize a eventing tournament in the field of technical brushes, the strip and sealing brushes from Kullen-Koti would be at the top of the podium. Because hardly any other brush series should be as versatile and easy to install as these universalists. Especially for machine tool manufacturers who need resilient solutions for sealing, guiding, stripping, moving, braking and pressing,a look at the range of strip and sealing brushes from the manufacturer Kullen-Koti is worthwhile.

Compliance as an advantage

Depending on the version, the strip and sealing brushes from Kullen-Koti have a profile made of steel, aluminum or plastic, which can be fitted with trimmings made of horsehair, plastic bristles, grinding bristles, vegetable fibers or wire. These technical brushes are available with rigid or flexible bands as well as in the form of an arch or as a closed ring. The manufacturer's range of services also includes the realization of customized special shapes. Typical areas of application for the strip and sealing brushes from Kullen-Koti in machine and plant construction are seals on housing doors of machining centers, stripping chips on clamping tools or sealing shafts. In their sealing function, these brushes protect against dust and dirt, drafts, moisture, light as well as heat and noise. In the stripping function, they ensure technical cleanliness as well as quality assurance and process optimization.

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Dynamoelectric principle

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Thanks to the mechanical flexibility of their trim materials, the strip and sealing brushes offer a decisive advantage over other types of seals: They adapt easily to the nature of their contact surface. Because of this flexibility, they are also suitable for cleaning and stripping threads, workpieces with uneven surfaces and moving machine parts. The brushes can be made heat-resistant so that they can also function in a manufacturing environment with higher temperatures. The installation of the strip and sealing brushes from Kullen-Koti is, according to the manufacturer, quick and easy, since the profiles of the brushes are ready to install. Depending on the customer's requirements and application, the profiles enable, for example, attachment with brackets or insertion into grooves. Other connection techniques for the strip and sealing brushes are traditionally screwing, gluing or clamping.

Brush from the running meter

The Quick-Seal series is a special variant of the strip and sealing brushes. These are flexible plastic brushes that are delivered on 25-meter rolls. Quick-Seal strip brushes are between 0.6 mm and 3.0 mm thick, UV, ozone and chemical resistant and are designed for temperatures from –40 ° C to 125 ° C. The Kullen-Koti brush test center has a modern machine park and specialist experts who specialize in finding ideal brush solutions for the selection of the special application. (br)