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New Cross Table For High-precision Machining Or Assembly Applications

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New Cross Table For High-precision Machining Or Assembly Applications
New Cross Table For High-precision Machining Or Assembly Applications

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With the open frame cross table, Weiss is entering the field of microapplication for the first time - and has come up with a completely new production concept. Because the MK 300 is not a prefabricated product that the customer pulls off the shelf. Instead, it is configured individually and precisely for the respective application, for example with regard to accuracy and performance.

Optimally adapted product configuration

Basically, there are two precision classes to choose from with run-off accuracy of 3 or 10 µm. There are also additional options for the measuring system. The user has the option to choose between optical systems in different accuracy classes that offer incremental or absolute signals. Even operation without a measuring system is possible. Namely, when only the running accuracy is decisive, but the positioning accuracy can be neglected. Weiss also meets the various dynamic requirements: supply voltages between 24 V and 80 V are provided for operating the XY stage.

The MK 300 cross table shows its advantages where high-precision movements are carried out in a small space. For example in micro assembly for assembly in the electrical industry, medical technology or biotechnology. Typical areas of application are also laser applications and even measurement technology. B. used as a microscope stage. With only 306 mm x 306 mm x 96 mm external dimensions, the table is extremely compact and offers a transmitted light opening in the central position of 180 mm x 180 mm.

Dynamic linear motors for the drive

The cross table with a maximum stroke of 160 mm in both axes is a typical Weiss product: The basis of the table is formed by three high-strength and precise aluminum parts. As usual with Weiss, highly dynamic linear motors provide the drive. The latter are shaped in such a way that forces on the guide system are avoided. In order to prevent unwanted blocking of the axles, the cross roller cages of the precision rails were provided with a gear, which prevents the cages from moving.

Customers who use the new MK 300 cross table also benefit from the company's extensive automation expertise. In addition to rotary tables, the portfolio also includes handling and linear units. Weiss thus enables its users to have a continuous application solution, from feeding to micromachining with a subsequent measuring station. Customer-specific construction add-ons for superstructures and substructures are even offered from a single source. (jv)

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