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Suitable For Every Application

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Suitable For Every Application
Suitable For Every Application

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Gefran's liquid-cooled ADV200LC frequency converter has a power range from 30 kW to 1,800 kW. It was specially developed for use in plastic extrusion and injection molding systems and takes advantage of the fact that in many cases these systems are already equipped with liquid cooling. The new controller board secures a 24V supply to the converter even when the main power supply is switched off. This not only maintains the fieldbus, control and safety-relevant systems. The new software also monitors the formation of condensation in the converter and thus protects it from malfunctions - even before the power electronics are switched on. Gefran also implemented additional functions that benefit the process of plastic extrusion.In addition to new scaling functions for coordinating the converter software with the existing system and an adjustable torque limit when starting or braking, this also includes the optimization of the torque control for asynchronous motors and synchronous motors without speed feedback. The optimal control quality achieved in this way protects the mechanical system components.

The series of compact AXV300 multi-axis servo systems for asynchronous and synchronous motors has a wide range of functions for multi-axis control and is equipped as standard with Active Front End technology for energy saving through energy recovery in the network. It also prevents losses from the braking resistor. The modular drives of the series include seven sizes with rated currents from 5 A to 200 A and powers up to 120 kW. Communication via Ethernet or CAN networks allows integration into the most common architectures of the PLC systems. All AXV300 models can be combined with servomotors of the SBM (Brusatori) or SM (SIEI AREG) series and have a wide variety of option modules to adapt to customer requirements. (ud)

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