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Distribute Energy Intelligently

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Distribute Energy Intelligently
Distribute Energy Intelligently

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Industry 4.0 requires a holistic view of the production environment. An important, but long neglected aspect is the inclusion of digitized infrastructure, which also includes energy distribution. Schneider Electric introduced the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker in response to digital change. He supports all those involved in the system to adapt the functions to the needs and cost requirements of the respective target group.

The digital modules can be divided into three categories: measurement technology, advanced protection technology as well as diagnostic and maintenance functions. They can be combined as desired and can be installed at the factory or installed later. This means that the circuit breaker can be adapted to changing requirements at any time.

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Adapt circuit breakers to different requirements

The switchgear manufacturer benefits from exact energy measurements in accordance with accuracy class 1, while the planner, on the other hand, keeps a closer eye on costs. With a standard trigger device, initial investments can be kept low, but users can reload measurement and maintenance functions at any later time. In industrial applications, reliability, space and low maintenance costs are important. The Masterpact MTZ has the best EMC immunity in its class, and even in the smallest performance class, the devices have a high breaking capacity. This not only saves space in the system, but also makes the switches attractive for shipbuilding and wind turbines.

The new generation has the same size as the predecessor Masterpact NT / NW as well as the same connection technology, housing dimensions and attachment points. In the case of a retrofit, neither a change of the switchgear nor a renewed certification according to IEC61439 is necessary. It shows improvements in the protective and measuring transformers as well as in the contacting of the entire electrical connection technology between the protective device and the associated components. This not only increases the mechanical strength and robustness of the switch, but also the measuring accuracy. Overall, the lifespan of the device is significantly extended. The operating and storage temperatures have also been revised so that the new circuit breaker is at –55 ° C to 85 ° C far above the standard in the storage temperature.Even at an operating temperature of –35 ° C with an unrestricted protective function, the Masterpact MTZ is at the top.

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Industry 4.0

How Schneider Electric sees the factory of tomorrow: evolution instead of revolution

Communicate wirelessly without electricity

The circuit breaker can also communicate wirelessly and without contact. The control and triggering system Micrologic X of the new generation is equipped with wireless technology, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth ensure connectivity - in an emergency even without a power supply. This can be extremely helpful in extreme cases, for example when switchgear is affected by short circuits or internal faults in such a way that they are hardly recognizable as such. The critical information on protection, measurements, diagnostics and maintenance can still be read out on a chip using a mobile device, even if the power supply to the circuit breaker itself is cut off. NFC connectivity works like a black box on an airplane.

Contactless communication is also possible via Bluetooth: the interface according to the Bluetooth smart standard IEEE 802.15.1 allows all information to be called up via any smartphone. If the operator is in front of the circuit breaker, he can also make protection settings and changes using the mobile device. In addition to ULP, Ethernet, NFC and Bluetooth interfaces, the Micrologic X release system has an integrated device for proprietary connectivity in accordance with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. This connection enables the wireless connectivity of the device with the communication-capable Com'X-510 module, via which water, air, gas, electricity, steam data (in short: WAGES) can be called up. This internal, wireless communication between Schneider Electric devices enables wireless retrofitting in existing systems.

“The Masterpact MTZ is our answer to digitization and the Internet of Things. It is tailor-made for all power distribution applications and, with the same dimensions, has a higher output,”summarizes Werner Grewe, Offer Manager at Schneider Electric. (sh)

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* Elisabeth Wagner is a freelance journalist in Munich

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