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Prof. Fettweis Receives VDE Ring Of Honor

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Prof. Fettweis Receives VDE Ring Of Honor
Prof. Fettweis Receives VDE Ring Of Honor

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Video: Inside Ring of Honor Ep 49 #WatchROH 2023, January

At the VDE Congress in Mannheim, VDE President Dr. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn and Dr. Beate Mand, Chief Operating Officer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard P. Fettweis awarded the VDE ring of honor. According to the VDE, Prof. Gerhard Fettweis from the TU Dresden, an outstanding and globally recognized engineering scientist in the field of communications and mobile communications technology and microelectronics, is honored with this highest award for services in research and development. His research focus is on mobile communications and 5G. "In more than 25 years of scientific work, he contributed significantly to the high level of communication technology and especially in digital mobile radio," says the VDE.

Sustainably use research results

Prof. Fettweis stands for the sustainable use of research results, as can be seen from the close cooperation with leading industrial research laboratories. He is currently supported by 20 companies from Asia, Europe and the USA in his work in the field of radio transmission and chip development. He has also successfully founded ten companies.


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Prof. Fettweis has an extensive body of publications in magazines, books and high-level conferences, as well as dozens of patents. According to the VDE, he published numerous “key papers”, which are said to be among the most cited articles in communications engineering. In his research areas, he is said to have published more than 500 publications and submitted more than 30 inventions as patents.

VDE honorary ring is the association's highest award

The VDE awards its highest awards every two years: the VDE honorary ring for services in research and development in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology and the VDE honorary membership for outstanding services to the association. (sh)

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