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Compact Ultrasonic Tester For Industrial Maintenance

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Compact Ultrasonic Tester For Industrial Maintenance
Compact Ultrasonic Tester For Industrial Maintenance

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Video: Sonaphone Pocket - Compact Ultrasonic Testing Device for Predictive Maintenance 2023, January

With the help of the Sonaphone pocket, the leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems can be quickly and easily located by anyone. The advantage of the compact test device lies in its simple handling. The ultrasound signals are audible with the Sonaphone Pocket and simultaneously shown on an illuminated digital display.

Compact design for the bag

With 130 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm, the Sonaphone Pocket fits in every jacket pocket. Equipped with a robust protective frame, the compact test device is also ideal for harsh test environments. The five softkeys are designed for quick and intuitive operation with one hand. With just one click, maximum values ​​can be recorded, the contrast set and the volume adjusted. The graphic display of the ultrasound level also facilitates the assessment of the condition of machines and systems for the inspector.

Thanks to the large number of optional attachments and probes, the areas of application of the test device can be expanded further. For example, the Sonaphone Pocket can be upgraded with the Sonospot parabolic probe to be able to take measurements even in hard-to-reach or distant locations. The easy-to-use probe has a particularly long range and detects leaks or damage to electrical installations over distances of up to 20 m. In combination with the airborne sound probe, the multifunctional test device is also suitable for the leak test of various systems and the detection of partial electrical discharges from insulation damage. In conjunction with a structure-borne noise probe, the all-rounder can in turn be used for wear control on rotating machines.

Airborne sound probe for leak detection

The entry-level set of the Sonaphone Pocket consists of a test device with batteries and an airborne sound probe for leak detection. Also included in the practical transport case are two different attachments for the airborne sound probe for local and distant leak detection as well as headphones, a lanyard, a package of leak tags to mark the leaks and an instruction manual.

In addition to the Sonaphone Pocket and a model for the hazardous area, the Sonaphone family of devices also includes the Sonaphone with touchscreen technology and a large 5-inch display. The latest ultrasound tester from Sonotec combines intuitive apps, new measurement technology and innovative sensors for maintenance 4.0. (jv)

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