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New Motor Family Positions Dynamically - Also Instead Of Pneumatics

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New Motor Family Positions Dynamically - Also Instead Of Pneumatics
New Motor Family Positions Dynamically - Also Instead Of Pneumatics

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Video: Simplified Motion Series (SMS) Demo 2023, February

Equipped with a 1Vpp Sin / Cos encoder or an A / B incremental encoder, the linear motors can be controlled using drives from any manufacturer. This enables easy integration into the existing control concept with the drives introduced by the machine and plant manufacturer. Alternatively, the linear motors can be controlled with the Linmot drives of the C1400 series with 230 VAC and E1400 with 3 x 400 VAC.

The P10-54 motors are available in 4 sizes, in the force range from 350 to 900 N. The extensive range of runners results in a narrow range of strokes with a maximum stroke of up to 2000 mm. The engine data with accelerations of up to 400 m / s 2 and a maximum speed of over 10 m / s leave nothing to be desired in terms of dynamics. The rotatable twin plug with push-pull connections for power and encoder cables brings the greatest possible flexibility in terms of cable outlet and guarantees reliable, time-saving cabling in the system. The one-piece clamping flange enables simple and quick installation of the stators in the system.

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The engines of the P10-54 family will be available from the 2nd quarter of 2016.

New linear actuator with integrated guide

At this year's SPS IPC Drives trade fair, Linmot is presenting the newly developed P04 linear actuator. This new actuator brings all the advantages of the well-known tubular linear motors from Linmot and also offers the advantage of an integrated guide. The P04 actuator can be equipped with the mechanical accessories known from pneumatics. This makes the replacement of pneumatics even easier, since all the mounting options known from pneumatics can be implemented.

Under the compact aluminum housing is a powerful Linmot PS01-37x120F-HP, which drives the mounted precision shaft. The shaft is guided by a linear ball bearing and enables a stroke of up to 135 mm. With the M10x1.25 thread on the front, loads can be quickly and easily mounted on the shaft. Further mounting options result from the profile grooves or T-slots, which can be found on all sides of the housing.

With free positioning and accelerations of up to 50 m / s 2, dynamic and precise movements are the main discipline of the new motor type. In addition, transverse loads are absorbed by the integrated bearing, so that simple applications such as ejectors can be implemented in the simplest way without additional components.

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  • Page 1: New motor family positions dynamically - also instead of pneumatics
  • Page 2: Linear motors with ATEX and IECEx approval
  • Page 3: Stainless steel H linear guides
  • Page 4: Linear motor P03-37Sx120F-HP with integrated drive
  • Page 5: Servo Drive C1400
  • Page 6: Linmot joins the Rockwell Automation Encompass program

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