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Safety Guard Locking Device Now With AS-Interface

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Safety Guard Locking Device Now With AS-Interface
Safety Guard Locking Device Now With AS-Interface

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Video: AS-Interface Introduction to Safety 2023, January

In addition to the AS-i-Power model, another model will be launched on the AZM300-AS in autumn 2016: The AUX-Power version also enables a safe unlocking function at the highest security level PL e.

The AS-i fieldbus standard allows both non-safe and safe switches, sensors and tumblers to be wired easily and inexpensively. The connection to the AS-i safety network therefore offers users of safety switchgear many advantages: quick installation and commissioning, extensive diagnostic functions and great flexibility in adapting the safety function to the application.

Small and very compact

The RSS260 from Schmersal is one of the smallest RFID security sensors available on the market and, due to its compact design and different targets, it can be used in many different ways. The RSS260-AS with two approach directions and its very small dimensions (40 mm x 18 mm x 30 mm) with the appropriate sensor-target combination is suitable for mounting on aluminum profiles as well as for use on many other door formats such as the frequently used plexiglass doors and discs. The RSS260-AS also has IP65 / 67 protection.

The RFID safety interlock AZM300-AS is equipped with a cross-shaped locking system that allows universal approach from three sides. As a result, the AZM300-AS can be used very flexibly. The safety locking device has an integrated locking function with 2 locking force levels of 25 N and 50 N, a high degree of protection IP69 K and is also suitable due to its design for hygiene-sensitive applications such as food and packaging machines.

Meets the requirements of the ISO 14119 standard

Due to the integrated RFID technology, both the RSS260-AS and the AZM300-AS reach the coding level "high" and thus guarantee a high level of protection against manipulation in accordance with ISO 14119. Since the AUX variant of the AZM300 AS also has the safety function "Unlocking a guard locking" Reached PLe, this is the first AS-i safety locking device that can meet all user requirements from the ISO 14119 standard. (jv)

Photoelectric barrier

The smallest safety light barrier in the world with integrated evaluation

SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 9, Stand 460

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