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Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber With High Resilience

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Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber With High Resilience
Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber With High Resilience

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With Elastosil LR 3072/50, the Munich-based chemical group is expanding its Elastosil LR 3072 product range with a material with high resilience and extremely low compression set. This means that if a molded part made from the silicone elastomer is pressed together and then relaxed again, it deforms only slightly due to its elasticity and resilience. The compression set and thus the permanent deformation of vulcanized parts is only ten percent after 22 hours of storage at 125 degrees Celsius. Thus, the molded seal remains functional for a long time, even at high temperatures. In addition, vulcanizates made from the new material remain flexible and elastic even in cold conditions down to -50 ° C.The new liquid silicone rubber is therefore ideally suited for sealing tasks in the engine compartment or in the car body.

Vulcanizates of the new oil exuding silicone have a higher degree of hardness with 50 Shore A and are therefore somewhat stiffer than the existing types of the product range. Cable glands and connector housings with lamellar radial seals, the housing halves of which have a gap due to the design, can be reliably sealed with Elastosil LR 3072/50.

As a highly shear-thinning and quick-curing compound, the new liquid silicone is suitable for highly automated processing in the injection molding process. Elastosil LR 3072/50 is formulated to be self-adhesive. The product adheres to a number of thermoplastics such as polyamide (PA) or polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), which are often used as hard components in two-component moldings. The silicone also offers excellent adhesion to many metals without a primer. Such substrates can therefore be directly overmolded with the liquid silicone rubber in the injection molding machine - provided that suitable machine and tool technology is available. This enables fast and inexpensive production of large series of thermoplastic silicone elastomer and metal silicone elastomer composite components.

After curing and the build-up of adhesion, a thin film of silicone oil forms on Elastosil LR 3072/50. The sweaty oil gives the vulcanizates a smooth surface. In this way, for example, a cable can be easily pushed through a sprayed-on single-wire seal made of Elastosil LR 3072/50. (qui)

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