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Torsion-resistant Cable For Industrial Ethernet

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Torsion-resistant Cable For Industrial Ethernet
Torsion-resistant Cable For Industrial Ethernet

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Industrial robots need intelligent cabling concepts, so that a secure and fast data supply is guaranteed for high mechanical demands. For this purpose, Leoni develops and produces torsion-resistant high-flex cables, which are intended to meet these extreme requirements in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.

The new Leoni Profinet solution of the Fieldlink line was checked in the in-house test center. According to Leoni, it withstands 5 million torsion cycles with a torsional load of 180 ° to 1 m and is therefore suitable for applications in which extreme torsional stress is the order of the day.

Halogen-free outer jacket made of highly elastic polyurethane

The halogen-free outer jacket made of highly elastic polyurethane (PUR) is ideal for high-flex performance and is characterized by its abrasion resistance and protection against grease, oil and lubricants. Due to the addition of flame retardant additives, the jacket meets the fire protection requirements according to IEC 60332-1-2. In addition, the cable has UL Style 21198. All four pairs are wrapped with a non-woven film, and filler elements should give the cable additional stability. With the optimized overall shielding with 98% coverage, Leoni wants to achieve the highest EMC separation class. The new "Easy-to-strip" (ES) variant is also said to be extremely easy to strip and thus offer quick assembly in the field.

Solutions such as Leoni's torsionable cable are in high demand in modern industry due to the increasing use of robots. In a recent publication by the World Federation "International Federation of Robotics (IFR)" it was predicted that by 2019 more than 1.4 million robots will be installed in industrial production worldwide. (sh)

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