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Your Christmas Tree Will Arrive Safely At Home

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Your Christmas Tree Will Arrive Safely At Home
Your Christmas Tree Will Arrive Safely At Home

Christmas tree sales started with the first weekend in Advent. When the search for the perfect tree is done, the next challenge is already waiting: the transport. Incorrectly secured, even a small tree can become a major hazard, as the ADAC has determined in crash tests.

Lashing straps secure the tree

A Christmas tree, which is only mounted on the car roof with simple expanders, becomes a floor in the event of an accident. When the car crashed at 50 km / h, the 32 kg tree flew over the bonnet of the vehicle. In road traffic, it would have been a great danger to the occupants of other cars and pedestrians. In a second crash test, the tree was fixed with standard tension belts. The result: The Christmas tree remained on the car roof.

To avoid scratching the paint, Christmas tree buyers should put a blanket under the tree. The sawn-off end of the trunk must point to the front and the top of the tree to the rear. Otherwise the tree can quickly become a vestibule, which places a greater strain on the fastenings. The tree itself remains protected, as the wind cannot damage the branches.

Tips for transportation in the trunk

If you are transporting your tree in the trunk, you should fold down the rear seat. Here, too, the trunk must point forward towards the driver. The tree is attached to the eyelets in the hold with tension belts. It is important to wrap the belt around the trunk and once around the tip.

Anyone who does not properly secure cargo must face a fine of 60 euros and a point. If a Christmas tree protrudes more than one meter from the rear of the car, it must be marked with a red flag, like any other load - with a red lamp in the dark. If this is not the case, a penalty of 25 euros will be charged. (mz)

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