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Power Consumption From Christmas Lights Is Falling

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Power Consumption From Christmas Lights Is Falling
Power Consumption From Christmas Lights Is Falling

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Video: How much Electricity does Christmas Lights Use? How to Test? 2023, January

Every year numerous light chains and light tubes shine in apartments, on balconies and in gardens during the Christmas season. More and more houses are decorated with more and more light sources - saving energy does not seem to be an issue in the contemplative time. But far from it: In fact, according to the energy provider Eon, electricity consumption in the Christmas season is continuously decreasing compared to previous years.

Comparison of fairy lights

Due to ever more energy-saving decorative alternatives, Christmas lighting costs less and less electricity. For comparison: two fairy lights with conventional light bulbs with a length of 9 m, both switched on for six weeks, can cause around 30 euros in electricity costs. The LED alternatives save more than 80% energy and cost only around 6 euros for the entire Advent season instead of 30 euros. The latest versions for outdoor lighting come from the power outlet without any electricity at all: they have a solar module, charge up during the day and have a romantic Christmas glow at night.

Mathematics competition

Digital math advent calendar opens its doors again

Dispense with the evergreen

If you then also do not let the Christmas lights run continuously, you can save even more energy and thus protect the environment. Automatic timers, which are also specially designed for outdoor use, ensure that Advent lights only light up when it is dark, ideally between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. and in the morning from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Uncover power guzzlers with a measuring device

If you want to find out whether your own Christmas decoration is an electricity eater and whether it is worth exchanging it for a new one, you can easily do this with an ammeter. Consumer advice centers often even offer them for borrowing. The measuring device is simply plugged between the socket and the device plug, extrapolates the electricity consumption to the annual consumption, compares this with that of a new Christmas light and makes a decision based on savings, acquisition costs and the expected runtime. (sh)

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