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The Perfect Slope

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The Perfect Slope
The Perfect Slope

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Whether snowboarding, downhill or cross-country skiing, operators of winter sports areas all over the world rely on well-groomed slopes to keep the conditions safe for their guests. The snow groomer manufacturer Prinoth supplies, among other things, the powerful models Husky, Bison X and Leitwolf, which are characterized by innovative technology, efficiency and strong design. The people who drive these vehicles work under extreme conditions, which include snow, ice, steep slopes and night work. They rely on state-of-the-art equipment. Prinoth relies on the resource-efficient use of its snow groomers and provides ski resorts with the knowledge they need to improve performance and reduce operating costs. Prinoth also offers special training for drivers of snow groomers.This combination helps winter sports resorts get the best results.

Slope maintenance means more than “mowing” snow on a mountain. The sign positions have to be constantly changed to collect the right amount of snow - depending on the moisture content, the temperature and other variables. The operators need feedback for this. You need fast reaction times and the ability to feel the sign position when starting or stopping.

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Eaton provides smart components for dynamic control

For the Leitwolf model, Prinoth was faced with the task of developing a higher-level control system for the hydraulics, since a typical response time of 1.1 s for snow groomers is simply too slow. In conventional systems, the hydraulic options for achieving good flow control were to overstress the valve spool control edges, which under certain conditions caused noise. Eaton supported Prinoth in the development of smarter and more dynamic machines. Dynamic machine control means quieter, faster and more efficient operation.

To improve machine response times, Eaton used a digitally tuned CMA valve with the Pro-FX technology platform. The CMA valve is an innovative mobile valve with independent inflow and outflow control that offers almost limitless possibilities for differentiating the machine capabilities.

The CAN bus-compatible, electro-hydraulic mobile valve has integrated electronics, sensors and complex software algorithms, so that Prinoth's market-leading technology, functions, dynamics and control are available.

CMA valve reduces response time from 1.1 to 0.15 seconds

The CMA valve helped make significant changes in response times. Where older systems had response times of 1.1 s, systems with a CMA valve now achieve response times of 0.15 s. For an operator setting the sign of a snow groomer, this feels like direct contact, which enables precise control on the slope regardless of the conditions.

Since the Eaton CMA valve works as a system with integrated electronics, it communicates via the CAN bus, making special wiring unnecessary. An integrated system simplifies both production and commissioning as well as subsequent maintenance.

With the Leitwolf model, Eaton's CMA valve technology has dramatically improved usability. “The CMA valve helped Prinoth to simplify the hydraulic system and make it customizable. Prinoth can now offer the end customer an even more effective service thanks to the integrated valve diagnostic system,”said Alberto Paoletti, System Development Engineer at Eaton. “Service engineers use a diagnostic program to monitor valve status. Problems are reported to the driver of the snow groomer in order to further identify and solve them.”Prinoth has access to the entire history of the vehicle at all times and can go into great detail, which benefits owners of new and used Prinoth vehicles.

Conclusion: Dynamic machine control is the driving force behind smart machines, including snow groomers. Eaton's digital controls (Digital Machine Control, DMC) increase both the performance and the efficiency of the machines. Remote maintenance is also possible, which has a positive effect on machine availability. (qui)

Hydraulic valve

Highly dynamic valve enables precise control behavior

Proportional valves

Control large volume flows compactly

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