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Configurable Control Systems Expanded By Connection Options

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Configurable Control Systems Expanded By Connection Options
Configurable Control Systems Expanded By Connection Options

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The expansion modules allow a more precise adaptation of the control structure to the application. This enables a finer granularity of the structure, since the number of input and output modules or motion monitoring modules can be selected based on the application, since there are no inputs and outputs on the base unit PNOZ m B1. This saves users costs because they only pay for the functions that they actually need. In addition, the hardware can be easily configured using the PNOZ-Multi Configurator software tool, whereby the online help is available during parameterization. In this way, users save time as well as costs.

Module for automation functions

A standard output module for automation applications is now available. Functions such as indicator lights or acoustic signals can be managed via its 14 semiconductor outputs. It can also be used to transmit the signals from the safety control to the operational control. This includes, for example, reporting the status of emergency stop buttons or protective doors.

The connection to Modbus / TCP is new. This is done directly via the base unit PNOZ M B1. This saves users hardware and can now communicate faster. The base unit PNOZ M B1 also offers convenient diagnostics: an illuminated display and clear diagnostic texts that can be activated using the PVIS diagnostic solution from Pilz facilitate this. Customer-specific texts can also be displayed, for example in the respective national language. In this way, short downtimes and thus high plant availability can be guaranteed through optimized diagnostics.

Changing is child's play

Up to 1054 logical links (connecting lines) are possible with the base unit PNOZ M B1 in the software tool PNOZ-Multi Configurator. This way, even large projects can be configured safely. It is thus possible to simultaneously save several projects on a USB stick, which are managed by a project manager.

Users can also take over existing projects via a migration tool in the software tool: The migration assistant supports the hardware conversion of existing projects that are to be transferred from PNOZ-Multi or PNOZ-Multi Mini to PNOZ-Multi 2 projects. A video of the migration assistant is available after installation in the PNOZ Multi Configurator in the "What's new?" Window. All project contents are configured quickly and easily, so that users save time and money on their projects.

Control safety mats

Another novelty of the PNOZ-Multi Configurator for the basic device PNOZ M B1 is the function block for safety mats. This can be used to safely monitor all standard shadows.

The configurable control systems PNOZ-Multi 2 can be used as open control systems, regardless of the higher-level operating or system control, and are flexible across the industry. They fulfill maximum safety: depending on the application, up to PL e and SIL CL 3. PNOZ-Multi 2 is also certified worldwide and can be used regardless of machine type, system type, country or industry - the configurable control systems are international for safety and Automation functions can be used. An advantage for the machine builder who wants to export abroad. (jv)

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