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Companies Are Looking For Almost 77,000 Specialists For Technical Professions

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Companies Are Looking For Almost 77,000 Specialists For Technical Professions
Companies Are Looking For Almost 77,000 Specialists For Technical Professions

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The number of job advertisements in "technical professions" rose by 16% between October 2016 and 2015. This is the result of an analysis of the German job market by the training specialist WBS Training. After that, there were around 77,000 job offers for engineers, designers and architects in October 2016, compared to 66,000 in the same month last year. The demand for skilled workers has also risen sharply in the technical areas of construction / crafts / environment (+21.3%) and research-development / natural sciences / high-tech (+ 21.8%). In total, over 183,000 jobs were advertised in these three segments in October 2016, compared to just under 154,000 in the same period last year. Around 44,000 companies were looking for trained specialists for technical professions in October 2016. The engineers alone had around 15000 positions advertised. The overall job market increased by 20.8% from 354,700 to 428,300 in the same period. Around 74,000 companies had advertised vacancies during this period. For the study, job advertisements from 195 online job exchanges, newspapers and specialist magazines as well as the Federal Employment Agency of WBS were evaluated.

Wide range in CAD design and 3D printing

In total, almost 9,000 positions for CAD specialists were advertised in October 2016. The greatest increase was the increase in offers for specialists in the CAD area for construction and architecture. Here the number of job offers rose by almost 28% to around 2000 positions. There were around 1000 job offers (+14.7%) for the medical, metal and precision engineering sectors. And in mechanical, aircraft and vehicle construction, the number of vacancies for CAD specialists rose by around 8% from 3866 to 4179. Regardless of the industry, all CAD areas had special knowledge for the corresponding applications and programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, CATIA or Solid Works. In contrast, a slight decline was observed for designers in the area of ​​CNC and PLC programming, although the number of positions remains at a high level:For specialists in PLC programming, it was around 6% on around 3000 job offers and in CNC programming it was over 13% on around 2000 tenders. However, the demand for special software knowledge, especially for TIA Portal and Eplan, has increased significantly in the area of ​​PLC programming.

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The increasing use of 3D printers is also evident on the job market, where the number of advertised jobs has doubled from 50 to over 100.

Specialists were also in high demand in the area of ​​geographic information systems, map services and navigation: over 600 positions were advertised here. This corresponds to an increase of almost 33% within one year.

Decline in alternative and renewable energies

While the number of job advertisements for project managers in the alternative and renewable energy sector fell slightly by 3.7%, it has increased significantly for technical professions in the fields of environmental protection, building technology and facility management. In the area of ​​environmental protection / environmental management, the increase was 27.4% to 200 job vacancies; for energy management, around 600 technical specialists with appropriate qualifications were sought (+ 8%).

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The job offer for caretakers, house and building technicians has increased particularly significantly. Around 3250 vacancies were advertised here in October (+28%), and almost 1,000 vacancies explicitly called for energy competence.

Job market studies WBS training WBS

WBS Training used the data for this study from a total of 195 job markets in online job boards, trade magazines and daily newspapers from October 2016 and 2015, including well-known online job boards such as Monster, Stepstone and Jobware. In addition, job advertisements from over 160 local, regional and national newspapers as well as trade and industry magazines were included. The data was obtained with the support of the European market leader for job market analysis index ad data.

With its “Job Reports”, the training specialist regularly and repeatedly analyzes the development on the job market for different job profiles and professions. WBS Training uses these analyzes to tailor its training and qualification offers to the needs of the labor market and to show its participants concrete career prospects. WBS regularly publishes job reports on the professional groups technical, commercial, IT, SAP, media, health, nursing and social professions. The current results on the technical professions will be published in the Job Report at the beginning of the new year. (sh)

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