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T-Systems And Eaton Network Industrial Applications In The Cloud

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T-Systems And Eaton Network Industrial Applications In The Cloud
T-Systems And Eaton Network Industrial Applications In The Cloud

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T-Systems and Eaton are cooperating across industries on the Internet of Things (IoT) and want to offer machine and system manufacturers secure IoT solutions for networking their systems in the cloud. The automation components of the energy management company Eaton should enable easy connection to the multi-IoT platform of the Telekom subsidiary based on the OPC UA standard. With this approach, machine builders will in future be able to monitor entire systems directly from the cloud, maintain preventive maintenance and optimize wear, operating costs and productivity of the machines in the manufacturing process through intelligent data analysis. And - due to the cloud solution - regardless of the location of the machines and systems.

Develop IoT services with pilot customers

Both companies want to develop IoT services together with pilot customers based on current data from ongoing production. Depending on the scenario, the customer should be able to determine and use individual parameters. Users are then able to not only see when wear parts are to be replaced, but also to analyze what dependencies exist between production results or individual consumption values ​​and components such as filters and raw materials or process data such as temperatures and pressures in ongoing production processes.

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"Medium-sized machine and plant builders in particular usually do not have the opportunity or the means to invest in secure, high-performance IoT and cloud technology. In order to position themselves successfully for the future, they should rely on trustworthy partners who will show them a simple, holistic and secure way of how machines can be integrated into IoT environments and how the potential of cloud services can be used economically,”says Stefan Selke, MOEM Segment Marketing Manager EMEA at Eaton. Wilfried Bauer, Head of System Integration for Digital Solutions, Cloud, Internet of Things at T-Systems, adds: “We don't just want to provide German medium-sized mechanical engineering with the technological building blocks for networking its systems via the cloud. With digital solutions,We can support him on his way to Industry 4.0 that can be tailored exactly to his requirements."

Highly secure German cloud data center

The main focus of the cooperation was on easy handling and security. Because the complexity and security of IoT still prevent many - especially small companies - from getting into the topic. The multi-IoT platform from T-Systems should make it easy and safe for machine and system builders to get started, because it unites and connects all the IoT components that the customer wants - regardless of whether platforms, IoT devices and software solutions. The multi-IoT platform is hosted and operated in T-Systems' highly secure German cloud data center and in accordance with the strict requirements of the German Data Protection Act.

A free webinar at the beginning of February 2017 shows how both small and complex machines and systems can be made “IoT ready” efficiently and cost-effectively with Eaton technology and integrated directly into cloud infrastructures with T-Systems. Further information is available at www.eaton.de/iot-cloud. (sh)

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