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What The Mobile Battery Of The Concept Car Oasis Can Do

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What The Mobile Battery Of The Concept Car Oasis Can Do
What The Mobile Battery Of The Concept Car Oasis Can Do

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Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder of Rinspeed AG, describes his new concept car, the Oasis, as a rolling oasis of ideas in the automotive desert. With the Oasis, he is creating an alternative to heavy SUVs on urban asphalt. The self-driving scooter is a two-seater vehicle for city and country. Large glass surfaces, clad front wheels and many technical and optical highlights distinguish it.

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The futuristic Oasis offers a modern living room ambience with an armchair, sideboard, TV and multifunctional steering wheel. The windshield serves as a screen for virtual as well as augmented reality. Even a small flower bed has found space below the windshield and is said to enable urban gardening on wheels. A code-protected drawer in the rear of the Oasis, which can be cooled or heated, can be used to transport any kind of small goods.

Electric car

Self-driving sports car with lightweight components

Optimization and reuse of energy storage

As an engineering development partner of well-known automobile manufacturers and suppliers, EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH has been working on novel projects since 1994. Its main focus is on electromobility and above all two central aspects: the ongoing optimization of the energy storage and possible reuse at the end of its life. By expanding its scope beyond the vehicle and devoting itself to both questions, the Munich-based company finds forward-looking answers. In this way, it wants to contribute to the expansion of electromobility and renewable energies alike.

Creative solution for mobile energy storage

EVA Fahrzeugtechnik has once again given creative thought to the topic of mobile energy storage for the Oasis.

Energy supply and electromobility have reached a degree of independence that was considered a distant vision a few years ago. With the Powerpack, which was specially developed for the Oasis, EVA Fahrzeugtechnik has created a mobile power source that should offer almost unlimited possibilities in the private sector. It is a practical energy storage device that can be used anywhere and anytime as an autonomous vehicle part. Even independently of the car, the powerful battery can be moved back and forth with a transport trolley as required: from the home charging station to the vehicle or to any location in the wild.

Geneva Motor Show 2015

Rinspeed presents a real buddy with the "Budii" concept vehicle

Geneva Motor Show 2014

The future of autonomous driving

Alternative uses for the Powerpack

For outdoor activities, for example, it can be used to operate the grill station, sound system and cool box or charge smartphones and tablets. As an emergency generator, the Powerpack secures the operation of important electrical devices. And it even supplies entire weekend houses with green energy whenever it is needed to later take up its place in the rear of the electric vehicle.

The Rinspeed Oasis and the EVA Powerpack will be presented for the first time at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas as part of the CES from January 5 to 8, 2017. (sh)

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