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Now Also Integrates Safety Functions

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Now Also Integrates Safety Functions
Now Also Integrates Safety Functions

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Video: SINAMICS G120, commissioning of safety functions 2023, February

With the new EL72x1-9014 versions, the extremely compact terminal design now also offers the STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function. This enables extremely compact, safety-related drive solutions to be integrated directly into the Ethercat terminal network. The safety integration in the terminal form factor in conjunction with the One Cable Technology (OCT) results in extremely space-saving and cost-effective solutions for safety-related drive functions, according to Beckhoff.

In this way, compared to a 2-channel shutdown with appropriate contactors in the motor cable, wiring, space and costs are significantly reduced, since a single line from the safety output (e.g. EL2904) to the STO input of the servo terminal is sufficient. In addition, the single-cable solution minimizes line costs and space requirements. Other technical key figures include the output current: The EL7201-9014 in the 12 mm terminal housing provides an output current of up to 2.8 A RMS, in the 24 mm wide version EL7211-9014 it is max. 4.5 A RMS.

Both servo terminals are suitable for controlling the AM8100 series servomotors. These motors have an integrated absolute encoder; the encoder data are transmitted purely digitally to the servo terminal via the motor cable. The integrated electronic nameplate of the AM8100 motors can be read in automatically by the servo terminals, which significantly simplifies commissioning. (pf)

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