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Prepare CAD Data Automatically

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Prepare CAD Data Automatically
Prepare CAD Data Automatically

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Video: From interactive to automatic CAD data prep - Unite LA | AutoTech Summit 2023, January

The new version Asfalis EX 7.1 is now available, as the provider Camtex announced. Asfalis is a high-end data exchange solution and offers a whole range of functions that can be combined individually. As a converter, Asfalis converts multi-CAD data into many formats and automatically repairs the data if necessary.

Interference check detects collisions

The software can also automatically check the geometry or simplify it for further process steps and create an outer shell. Interference checking also detects collisions between geometry and interference contours. Asfalis can therefore be used for a wide range of applications.

Depending on the area of ​​application, Asfalis is freely configured. The individual modules are put together as in a modular system. The finished software is then integrated into the existing infrastructure in the company and works completely independently.

Geometry check for quality control

The worldwide exchange of data, for example between manufacturers and suppliers, necessitates constant quality control. Changes and possible errors have to be recognized and eliminated early in order to prevent problems in subsequent processes. Asfalis compares the geometry of 3D models and recognizes the differences in all information contained in 3D CAD data, including PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), attributes and assembly structures. The option of checking the number of solid volumes or sheet volumes of a part as well as the layers of surfaces, wire models and points is now integrated.

The results of the geometry check can be displayed in the new Asfalis EX 7.1 as a color map (false color representation) and can now also be exported as a 3D HTML or 3D PDF report. In the 3D HTML report, all geometry differences found are displayed simultaneously. PMIs can be shown or hidden in the reports.

Also new in Asfalis EX 7.1

Thanks to the "Direct Translator" Asfalis EX 7.1 also enables the interactive operation of its functions. Each component can either be operated at directory level (Explorer context menu) or as a plug-in. The use of the Asfalis Direct Translator is particularly useful for simple conversions, which are then carried out by clicking in the context menu.

Asfalis also converts PMI (Product Manufacturing Information). The 3D PMI conversion has been improved and expanded in Asfalis EX 7.1. The special conversion for Daimler suppliers has also been optimized. This Elysium technology is certified by Daimler. (mz)

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