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New Range Of High Performance TPU Seals

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New Range Of High Performance TPU Seals
New Range Of High Performance TPU Seals

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Compared to the conventional material NBR in 90 Shore A, the abrasion and extrusion resistance should be at least 5 times higher. In addition, the three TPU materials have a high gas tightness and a high level of compatibility with a wide variety of gases - from oxygen to nitrogen to all synthetic hydrocarbons. They show no embrittlement when exposed to ozone and oxygen. The seals have low swelling properties in mineral oil, hydraulic media and greases, good chemical resistance and good dynamic behavior (blow-by behavior).


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In addition to the universal TPU material COG Vario-Pur 195, COG is introducing two special TPU sealing materials. In addition to the complex properties of a high-performance TPU compound, the Vario-Pur 295 also has cold flexibility down to -50 ° C. The COG Vario-Pur 395 is resistant to hydrolysis - a property that is otherwise not available in this form with TPU materials. This TPU is very resistant in water-containing media, including oil-water and water-oil emulsions (HFA + HFB) or aqueous polyglycol solutions (HFC). It also proves its resistance to other critical media, including a. biodegradable oils (HEES and HETG), flame-retardant liquids, triglycerides and synthetic esters of hydraulic oils or anhydrous media.

The seals are used in applications in mobile and industrial hydraulics, gas process technology and gas spring technology, pneumatics, valve technology, the chemical industry and in food / pharmaceutical process technology and can be ordered immediately. (br)

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