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New Onboard Weighing System For Vehicles

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New Onboard Weighing System For Vehicles
New Onboard Weighing System For Vehicles

Video: New Onboard Weighing System For Vehicles

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Video: GT-Scales onboard weighing system 2023, February

Digi Sens Managing Director Jürg Härtli: “With Eleiro it is now even easier for manufacturers of bulk and body scales to implement almost any system architecture with just one evaluation computer. The aim of our new development is more flexibility and convenience in the configuration and operation of weighing systems. The price / performance ratio of the new product generation is also very attractive."

Robust graphic color display

Another innovation is "Eleiro-Touch", a robust graphic color display as a solution for the dashboard. The commissioning process has been greatly simplified thanks to the new graphical step-by-step configurator. Consistent configurations are simply uploaded, which is helpful for the serial production of vehicles.

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The service interface can be contacted via web client for diagnostic purposes and for remote maintenance. In the same way, calibration-relevant data is available in real time. The user can design the graphic display and the printouts according to his own wishes.

Increased sampling rate

The sampling rate for dynamic weighing on bulk goods from collection vehicles has been substantially increased. The system also continuously and automatically adjusts to the current speed of the mechanics. The robustness, precision and long-term stability of digital measurement technology based on vibrating string technology remain unsurpassed.

The measuring cells are now connected via connectors, which enables the replacement of a cable without loss of calibration. The new, only four-core cables also reduce the wiring effort and are more durable. (jv)

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