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SMC Offers Solutions For Almost Every Industrial Process

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SMC Offers Solutions For Almost Every Industrial Process
SMC Offers Solutions For Almost Every Industrial Process

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Whether in the assembly of boards, the positioning of workpieces or the sorting of goods, in numerous dynamic industrial processes, lifting, pushing and setting are carried out precisely. All at the highest possible speed, as precisely as possible, with maximum repeatability and a high degree of automation.

To achieve this, grippers, cylinders and drives are required that have to meet a wide range of requirements: thrust, travel, repeatability, mechanical strength, geometry or control options are just a handful of the numerous criteria that distinguish functioning systems from perfect solutions. With its range of electric drives, motors and controllers, SMC combines the advantages of pneumatics with the world of electronics. Many applications can already be solved with the standard program. The spectrum ranges from miniature and slide drives to compact slides, grippers and controllers to the cylinders. Stepper and servo motors are available, as are belt or spindle drives for various installation positions.

For all users who want to use their own motors and controllers, the SMC range also offers motorless drives. The components support the common Industrial Ethernet protocols so that the connection to higher-level fieldbus and PLC systems is easy.

Three program levels for all typical applications

SMC has divided the range of electric drives, controllers and axis motors into three stages, which are based on the typical requirements of users: from easy to use to absolutely powerful and flexible. If you need little flexibility because the operating conditions hardly change and value fast commissioning, you will find easy-to-use drives with preset drive parameters in the standard range.

A little more complexity allows simple, step-by-step programmable drives with preset parameters, which in combination with a stepper motor output stage (type LECPA) can move to an unlimited number of positions. The highest precision in terms of position, speed and force control is achieved with AC servo motor amplifiers (LECS series). These systems can even detect the low frequency vibrations of a machine and control deviations between the command value and actual movement.

The LECY AC servo motor power stage was developed for machines and systems with fast and highly precise axis movements. It is equipped with an STO function (Safe Torque Off) that prevents the drive from starting unexpectedly. With regard to machine safety in accordance with EN ISO13849, such protective functions are becoming increasingly important for machine manufacturers.

The LE range at a glance

If you take a look at the range of electric drives from the LE series from SMC, you will be impressed by the huge number of different components. Stepper and servo motors are available in addition to spindle or belt drives for various motor installation positions and guide systems such as sliding guide, cross roller guide or recirculating ball guide complete the range. Each of the more than a dozen series contains products in different sizes and specifications as well as in additional equipment options. These include, for example, an integrated motor brake or the clean room version.

The LE series from SMC at a glance:

  • LEF series: electric drives with recirculating ball bearings for all transfer applications
  • LEL series: space-saving electric belt drive with guide rod
  • LEJ series: electric drives with high rigidity thanks to double linear recirculating ball bearings
  • LEM series: electric drives with a small housing cross-section
  • LEY series: electric cylinders with excellent speed control
  • LEYG series: electric cylinders with guide rod for high rigidity
  • LES series: electric compact slides for fast, controlled pick & place applications
  • LEP series: miniature electric drives with pistons or slides
  • LER series: electric part-turn actuators with position, speed and acceleration control
  • LEH series: electric grippers with 2 or 3 fingers
  • LEC series: Controllers from programmable to highly complex programmable
  • LAT3 series: Card motors in extremely thin and light housings
  • LE series: motorless electric drives of the LEFS, LEFB, LEJS and LEY (G) series
  • JXC73 / 83 series: 4-axis stepper motor control
  • JXC93 series: Stepper motor controller for dual communication control with Ethernet / IPTM


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