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Digitization Creates Energy Excellence

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Digitization Creates Energy Excellence
Digitization Creates Energy Excellence

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In all scenarios for the energy transition, one thing is clear: it will only be affordable if the total energy requirement can be halved by 2050. Because every kilometer of network, every new power plant, every storage or control capacity and every imported kilowatt hour costs considerably more money than avoidance. This has now arrived in the minds - and is gradually being cast into political framework conditions in the Federal Ministry of Economics in its own department. In line with the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency, the German government is now showing with its campaign “Germany makes it efficient!” That it attaches importance to energy efficiency that is comparable to energy generation.

The technical solutions for halving energy consumption across all sectors of the economy have long been in place. And domestic companies are world leaders in the field of energy efficiency. In 2015 alone, energy efficiency solutions generated sales of 135 billion euros in Germany. This was shown by the survey on the 2016 Energy Efficiency Industry Monitor by the German Energy Efficiency Initiative (DENEFF) and the business and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

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But it gets even better: digitization makes energy efficiency - especially for industrial users - even easier, more attractive, and even more for energy excellence. More productivity with lower energy costs, more protection against energy price fluctuations and, at the same time, better satisfaction of customer requests: Those who are just waiting for politics instead of taking their own energy management into their own hands will be left behind. So it is time for the German economy to switch to the fast lane.

And this is how the maneuver can succeed: First of all, it is important to significantly reduce energy consumption. For this purpose, a holistic energy management system with clear energy performance indicators belongs in the cockpit of every sustainable company. An alarm is triggered when energy is wasted, and there is a green light for efficiency investments with internal interest rates that can outshine any investment. This works even better in networks, of which there should be 500 in Germany by 2020: In each of these networks, eight to 15 companies, with the support of an energy technology consultant, exchange ideas on how they can increase their energy efficiency. The principle already works:Participants in the 30 pilot networks were able to reduce their energy consumption by an average of up to ten percent in five years.

Second course: Cover the remaining energy consumption as far as possible through renewable energies and combined heat and power - preferably generated on site, but above all designed for an optimized and not too high consumption. If you rear the horse from behind, you risk expensive bad investments in oversized systems. If this is too complex for you, you can rely on specialized energy service providers who bring the software "as a service" with them. Third course: integrate energy consumption, purchasing and self-generation. Things get tricky here, because while the energy requirements of production can be largely planned, trading prices are becoming increasingly volatile, as is economic own generation or grid feed-in.

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