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The MT-Connect And The Medtech Summit Are More Than The Sum Of Their Parts

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The MT-Connect And The Medtech Summit Are More Than The Sum Of Their Parts
The MT-Connect And The Medtech Summit Are More Than The Sum Of Their Parts

Video: The MT-Connect And The Medtech Summit Are More Than The Sum Of Their Parts

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Video: MedTech Pharma and MT-CONNECT, 21.-22.6.2017 2023, January

Feigl: The congress exhibition was always fully booked, so it was simply a logical step to move the accompanying exhibition into a medical technology fair, in line with the need. With the Nürnberg Messe we have found the perfect partner to maintain the original - for many companies and institutions - inspiring character of our event format and to combine the old with the new.

Nevertheless, organizing an event of this size is always associated with many imponderables. In my view, the new constellation and the merger of Nürnberg Messe and Forum Medtech Pharma offer enormous potential.

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Stein: I don't think the question of who accompanies whom is appropriate. The close proximity of the congress and the exhibition has always distinguished the event and made it special. It will stay that way. The expertise of NürnbergMesse is to organize trade fairs successfully. And the quality of the forum is its incredible depth in medical technology. We continue to develop the event together - with a single, hopefully perfect experience for all sides. It will be a joint event from a single source. Promised!

Is there really a need for a new trade fair in southern Germany?

Stein: The feedback from the industry is clear: yes! Dr. Feigl has already mentioned it: the exhibition has always been fully booked in recent years. So the demand is there. This is not surprising: Southern Germany is the hotspot of the European and German medical technology industry. That is why we want to further develop an existing, high-quality event. At a still high level. And this claim to congress and fair makes the difference. We want the Medtech Summit and MT-Connect to ultimately be more for the visitors than the sum of their parts. For this we have many offers to network all actors with each other. This is simply unique in this form.

And how many exhibitors and visitors do you expect?

Stein: We have started doubling the number of exhibitors and visitors (note from editor: about 1,000 visitors and 120 exhibitors in 2016). There is no reason to abandon this goal. But one thing is also clear: we will not lose sight of our aspirations. The MT-Connect only works if the quality of exhibitors and visitors is right. We will not squint at the crowd, but at bringing the right people together on the right topics. This applies to both the congress and the trade fair.

Additional information on the topic of Devicemed: "Names must fall"

It was quite ambitious claims that Dr. Roland Fleck, CEO of the Nürnberg Messe Group, said at the announcement press conference for MT-Conncet last summer: "We have the breath to develop a leading trade fair," he said at the time. And: "A multiple of the last 1,000 congress visitors should visit the new trade fair." More than six months are in the offing, the kick-off event will probably be more of a "launch pad" - also a Fleckian formulation. About 240 exhibitors and around 2,000 visitors are to walk over this launch pad. "Twice as many as at the Medtech Summit 2016," explains project manager Alexander Stein. A realistic claim.

“It is time for the organizer to name companies and organizations that have already registered as exhibitors for the fair. The visitors want to know who they are meeting, “Peter Reinhardt, editor-in-chief, Devicemed
“It is time for the organizer to name companies and organizations that have already registered as exhibitors for the fair. The visitors want to know who they are meeting, “Peter Reinhardt, editor-in-chief, Devicemed

“It is time for the organizer to name companies and organizations that have already registered as exhibitors for the fair. The visitors want to know who they are meeting, “Peter Reinhardt, editor-in-chief, Devicemed.

But apart from all the numbers games: the focus for the fair lies primarily on content quality - i.e. current or innovative topics. For this purpose, a trade fair advisory board with representatives from industry and associations was founded. This supports the Nürnberg Messe and at the same time represents the interests of exhibitors and visitors. If “the networking of the right people on the right topics”, as Stein announces, should be the goal of the new exhibition format, this must also be reflected in the list of exhibitors. It is high time that names were mentioned. Potential visitors need to know who they are meeting. This is the only way the concept can work.

Peter Reinhardt, Editor-in-Chief Devicemed

Mr. Feigl, the last time the congress always had about 1,000 participants. Do you expect changes here?

Feigl: We assume that the number of participants in 2017 will still be around 1,000. In addition to the congress program, this year we are also offering our very successful partnering event, which we have previously held in Garching, for the first time in the trade fair. It enables efficient B2B networking between all participants in the Medtech Summit as well as the exhibitors and visitors to MT-Connect. We hope, of course, that the number of participants will continue to grow after the successful establishment of the new event format "Messe-Kongress-Partnering".

Which exhibitors can you recommend to visitors today, Mr. Stein?

Stein: Everyone! The question of the sonorous name is understandable, but I don't want to answer it at the moment. We will publish the concrete stand planning in good time in the spring, until then the orientation remains on the exhibitors from last year, many of whom will be there again. The members of our expert advisory board from Siemens or Peter Brehm from the IVAM, the ZVEI and the Medical Valley are currently supporting us very actively. But I do want to reveal something: We also bundle attractive exhibitors at joint stands. For example from the Netherlands and Austria. And: We are not only strong in the Medical Valley in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, Medical Mountains from southwest Germany are also part of MT-Connect.

Current trends in the industry are digitization and 3D printing. What can visitors expect here?

Stein: Digitization, key words mobile health and big data, and additive manufacturing processes are certainly trends with a disruptive character for the entire industry. Therefore, these topics will be found throughout the event: at the summit, in the forum in the hall and in the exhibition areas. That is exactly what makes up the charm. In addition, we have identified other important trend topics and drivers of medical technology, including companion diagnostics, imaging, robotics and intelligent implants, but also regulatory affairs, start-ups, which we also address.

The biggest highlights, however, are our visitors and exhibitors. The focus is on them; it's all about that. We are creating an innovation market place where start-ups and service providers can find each other. We create the interactive exchange between congress and trade fair with our connecting events. And I don't just mean an exhibitor evening, but especially partnering. Here exhibitors and congress and trade fair visitors alike can search for a conversation - very simply by making an online appointment in advance. In short: we make sure that the congress topics play into the fair. This will spur the exchange between them.

And which topics will determine the congress, Mr. Feigl?

Feigl: As in previous years, the future trends of the medical technology industry are our focus. The topics of the program include digitization and wearables, smart medical devices, diagnostics as well as the implications for MDR and other regulatory challenges, for example in the field of mobile health.

Can visitors simply switch between the two events?

Feigl: Visitors can choose from different modules and are free to choose whether they want to book the trade fair visit, partnering or the complete package with a trade fair visit, congress and partnering. Of course, depending on your interest, you should immediately choose the right ticket when you register. An “upgrade” of the ticket is still possible on site.

Additional information on the subject of numbers, dates and facts about the new MT-Connect trade fair

  • Venue: Exhibition Center Nuremberg
  • Event date: Wednesday, 21st and Thursday, June 22nd, 2017
  • Trade fair rotation: annually
  • Fair opening times: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Congress opening times: 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Entrances and hall allocation: via the Mitte entrance to halls 10.0 and 10.1 and via the Medtech Summit
  • Day ticket: 15, - Euro (without congress)
  • Permanent admission ticket: 22 euros (without congress)

What does it take for you, Mr. Feigl, to be satisfied with the Medtech Summit 2017?

Feigl: We are satisfied when our participants are satisfied. So far we have always succeeded - I think the compilation of the program with scientific and market-relevant lectures is very much appreciated by the participants. With the Medtech Summit, we have created a platform for knowledge transfer and networking. After the two days, the participants should go home with good contacts and valuable impulses for the future of their company.

And what is your personal goal for MT-Connect 2017, when would you be satisfied with the opening event, Mr. Stein?

Stein: When we look at the relaxed and happy faces on the exhibitor and visitor side at the end of the second day of the fair. Then it was a good start. Ultimately, it must be worthwhile for everyone involved to go to the trade fair - whether as an exhibitor or visitor. If the visitors go home smarter and the exhibitors had good conversations, then we did a good job. That is my goal.

Finally, a look into the future, Mr. Stein: Where do you see MT-Connect in comparison to the established medical technology trade shows Compamed and Medtec Europe in three years?

Stein: Just as southern Germany is a hotspot for the medical technology industry, we want to do it justice and be the flagship in southern Germany. Due to the spatial and temporal distance to Compamed, I see ourselves as a good addition to this dynamic market. The market can use such an event as ours. But we want to convince with quality and service - that's why we maintain a very close connection to the industry.

So where does the Medtech Summit stand?

Feigl: The Medtech Summit cannot be viewed separately from MT-Connect. We want the new event format consisting of trade fair, congress and partnering to become the event for the medtech industry alongside Compamed and Medica.

The questions were asked by Peter Reinhardt, editor-in-chief, Devicemed.

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