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Dead Space-free Clamping Lever

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Dead Space-free Clamping Lever
Dead Space-free Clamping Lever

Video: Dead Space-free Clamping Lever

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Свободная камера в Dead Space 2023, January

The space between the handle and the screw insert is completely sealed with a special shaft seal on the Novo-Nox HD clamping lever. The handle is made of one piece and hermetically sealed on the outside. No dirt, product residues and cleaning agents should get inside the lever.

The shaft of the screw insert is polished to an average roughness value of less than approx. Ra 0.2 µm. Foreign substances and liquids hardly adhere to the smooth surface. The clamping lever has no dead spaces in which germs and bacteria form and can contaminate the screwing point and the product.

All external steel parts are made of stainless steel of material class 1.4404 and meet the strict regulations of the food industry, pharmacy and medical technology.

Intec and Z 2017

Leipzig becomes the stronghold of the metalworking industry and the supply industry in March

As with the Hygienic USIT screwing and sealing system, the screwing point with the clamping lever from Novo-Nox is designed for the use of the special sealing washer from "Freudenberg Process Seals". When tightening, the sealing bead is guided outwards over the collar surface until it has adapted to the contour of the collar. An overstretching of the sealing bead is impossible because the screw connection has already been tightened on the block. The screwing point is thus completely sealed and meets the hygienic requirements in the hygienic design as well as the strict requirements of the EHEDG.

Both the Novo-Nox clamping lever and the screwing point are manufactured according to the hygienic design and can be easily, hygienically and safely cleaned using the CIP (Cleaning in Place), WIP (Washing in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place) procedures. (br)

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