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ABB Has Smart Products In Its Luggage

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ABB Has Smart Products In Its Luggage
ABB Has Smart Products In Its Luggage

Video: ABB Has Smart Products In Its Luggage

Video: ABB Has Smart Products In Its Luggage
Video: Plevo Series One - The world's most innovative smart luggage set 2023, December

With its product portfolio, ABB wants to be optimally equipped for the digital age and bundles its digital solutions and services across all industries under ABB Ability. This includes, for example, the concept of a digital switchgear that ABB will present at the Hanover Fair. The company offers a complete portfolio for energy suppliers to provide turnkey digital switchgear. ABB sees the following advantages with its solution: faster commissioning, reduced risk for personnel, less space required, predictive condition monitoring, increased cyber security as well as lower loads and less installed equipment in the substation.

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Smart energy distribution

ABB is also announcing a new solution for low-voltage switchgear for primary switchgear up to 6300 A with a short-circuit current up to 150 kA: System pro E power. The company promises analgesic construction in record time. Pre-configured assembly parts and accessories are designed to minimize the risk of errors and ensure excellent quality. The plug-in mounting system is designed to save up to 20% of the time compared to conventional cabinet systems. In addition to empty housings for customer-specific expansion, power distributions up to 2000 A and high-current power distributions with rear main busbars up to 6300 A, pre-assembled or in parts, are available. In interaction with intelligent switching devices, such as the Emax 2 circuit breaker,and the cloud-based platform Ekip Smartvision, the system is perfectly designed for digitization in the low-voltage network, according to ABB.

Machine safety

Direct impact on security technology

Automatic circuit breaker

ABB Stotz-Kontakt produces over 600 pole variants in one batch, even in small batch sizes

Clean power supply with ultra low harmonic drives

Under the motto "Prevention is better than cure", the company is introducing a complete range of frequency inverters that prevent harmonics from occurring in the first place. Harmonics can lead to distortions in the power grid, which in turn also disturbs devices connected to the grid or can also lead to failure. The ultra-low harmonic drive variant is said to achieve a harmonic content of only approx. 3%. With conventional frequency inverters, the harmonic content is between 35% and over 100% - a clear difference. In contrast to alternative solutions for damping or eliminating harmonics, the Ultra Low Harmonic Drives from ABB are equipped with systems to prevent such harmonics. "We tackle the problem at the root and don't let it arise in the first place",says product manager Fred Donabauer.


ABB and Microsoft want to create largest industrial cloud platform

Milestone in level measurement

With the LLT100 laser full-level transmitter, ABB wants to bring another milestone in continuous non-contact level measurement to the market. The devices are to combine the latest laser-based level measurement technology with the necessary robustness for industrial use. They are used in industries such as mining, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, energy and steam generation, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals as well as water and waste water.

Visitors to the Hannover Messe can take a closer look at all the new products and solutions at the ABB booth from April 24 to 28, 2017. There is also information about the strategic partnership between ABB and Microsoft, which is intended to enable ABB customers to access one of the largest cloud infrastructures on the market. Concrete projects will illustrate possible applications, advantages and benefits. (sh)