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Material For Shock Absorption

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Material For Shock Absorption
Material For Shock Absorption

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When impacts with high force peaks act on people or machines, there is often great, sometimes irreversible, damage. To remedy this, Getzner has developed a series of elastic materials made of polyurethane (PUR) with which the negative effects of such shock loads can be absorbed. “The installation of our materials increases work quality and safety because it protects people from bumps and shocks. In machines or electronic devices, it ensures undisturbed operation, but also less material wear,”summarizes Marcel Mattheus, Product Manager at Getzner.

The right material rigidity for every load

Six types of Sylodamp materials with coordinated stiffnesses absorb shocks in different load ranges. Gradations of color characterize the six types. Getzner offers solutions, but also stamped parts and cuts in different dimensions. “In order to achieve a good effect, we calculate the material design for each requirement using the finite element method (FEM). Because coordinated and correct use of materials is crucial for effective damping,”explains Markus Heim, project manager at Getzner.

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Shock insulation for people, machines and the environment

An elastic bearing on Sylodamp prevents excessive wear of mechanical components due to material fatigue in the event of continuous shock loads. The material is used in various areas: as impact protection in machine and apparatus construction, as vibration protection under machine feet, compressors, luggage and conveyor belts, as a damping element in vehicle construction, to improve precision in sensitive devices such as displays or microscopes, to dampen vibrations on floors in sports halls, as transport protection for heavy goods, to protect the musculoskeletal system from wear and tear or overload in sports textiles or as shoe insoles.

High performance shock absorbers

The damping properties of Sylodamp enable a quicker calming of shock impulses, a potential rebound is absorbed elastically. The material effectively dampens specific energy thanks to its mixed-cell pore structure. The Sylodamp material is UV and ozone resistant and is manufactured without propellants. Combinations of Sylodamp with isotope elements or Sylomer materials offer a solution in various applications to minimize vibrations and absorb shocks and impacts. All Getzner materials reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise, vibrations and noise in the areas of rail, construction and industry.

Possible uses

  • Mechanical and apparatus engineering: to protect systems, mechanically stressed components and sensitive electronics against impacts, e.g. B. punching machines, looms
  • Vehicle construction: to protect people, instruments and vehicles from shocks or vibrations, e.g. B. decoupling of vehicle seats and driver cabs, storage of loading areas
  • Sports industry: should protect the musculoskeletal system against external influences, e.g. B. as protectors in sports textiles, as inserts in protective helmets or shoes or in the form of fall protection mats and elastically mounted sports floors

Advantages of elastic storage with Sylodamp according to the manufacturer:

  • Absorbs shock loads
  • Reduces impact-induced structure-borne noise
  • Protects the human body
  • Prevents material wear
  • Copes with specific energy effects
  • 6 standard types made of polyurethane
  • Low rebound resilience of ≤16%
  • Static application range from 0.005 N / mm² to 0.5 N / mm²
  • Long-lasting, environmentally friendly vibration protection


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