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Auto Test Environmental Winners Are Certain: Elektro-Smart In First Place

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Auto Test Environmental Winners Are Certain: Elektro-Smart In First Place
Auto Test Environmental Winners Are Certain: Elektro-Smart In First Place

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German drivers are still loyal to the combustion engine. But with the purchase premium for e-cars, the growing range of environmentally friendly cars and the improved ranges of electric vehicles, more environmentally friendly drive technologies will conquer the streets in the future. The magazine "Auto Test" and the Institute for Environmental Research Ökotrend have awarded the most sustainable cars for the eighth time in a row this year. The ranking not only takes into account carbon dioxide emissions and noise emissions, but also looks at the overall balance, including production costs, recycling and the respective environmental standards of the companies.

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The 2017 environmental winner in the overall ranking is the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. He takes the leader of the last three years - the BMW i3 - off the throne. “Smart not only scores with the test winner model. The convertible of the same name and the five-door variant of the mini-car also rank among the top 10,”says“Auto Test”editor-in-chief Alexander Kuhlig. "This proves that the industry is on the move and that sustainable mobility is finally being taken seriously by car manufacturers other than BMW."


Volkswagen shows study of an electric bulli

Elektro-Smart in car sharing fleets

The fourth generation of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive shines with improved battery technology, which makes it an everyday package for the city. The production processes should also have been planned consistently according to ecological criteria: According to the "Auto Test", Smart performs very well in energy-efficient production and the environmentally friendly painting process. In addition, parent company Daimler deals responsibly with the topic of recycling. For example, 98% of recycled plastics are used in new vehicles. Another plus point: in the future, the electric smart will have a high share in car sharing fleets and thus has the potential to change mobility in the city centers in the long term.


Electric mobility cheaper in the long run


What the mobile battery of the Concept Car Oasis can do

BMW in first place in the company ranking

With a more powerful battery and a range of 300 kilometers, the BMW i3 took second place in the overall ranking this year. In the company ranking, however, the Bavarian automaker can still assert itself in first place ahead of Toyota (2nd place) and Daimler (3rd place). This ranking evaluates the management of all environmentally relevant processes in the company and social responsibility (employee responsibility and social engagement). BMW prevails over the competition because according to the "Auto Test" sustainability is deeply rooted in many areas of the company. And in the currently important field of plug-in hybrids, the Munich-based carmaker should offer a wide range of products. Volkswagen, however, continues to struggle with the effects of the exhaust gas scandal. In 2015 the group was still in third placefell to eleventh in 2016. The downturn continues this year: VW slips to 14th place.

"The environmental ranking makes it clear that the automotive industry is facing a turning point," says Alexander Kuhlig. “There is no model with a diesel engine in the top spots. Instead, pure electric cars or plug-in hybrids with electric and Otto combustion engines and natural gas vehicles dominate.”

Top 10 environmental ranking 2017:

1. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

2. BMW i3 94 Ah

3. Smart Fortwo Cabrio Electric Drive

4. Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

5. Smart Forfour Electric Drive

6. VW e-Up!

7. BMW 330e

8. Mercedes B 200e

9. BMW i8

10. Hyundai Ioniq Elektro

Top 10 company ranking 2017:

1. BMW

2. Toyota

3. Daimler

4. Nissan

5. Honda

6. Peugeot / Citroën

7. Ford

8. Mazda

9. Volvo

10. Opel


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