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Industry Fair Shows The Latest In Robotics

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Industry Fair Shows The Latest In Robotics
Industry Fair Shows The Latest In Robotics

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Video: Robot Exhibition in Beijing | The Coolest Robots from China 2020 | CIFTIS 2020 2023, January

This year, the key players in robotics will use the Hanover Fair to show the specialist audience their technology and its contribution to Industry 4.0, the organizers emphasize. These include companies such as Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, Kawasaki, Universal Robots, Stäubli and start-ups such as the Munich-based young company Franka Emika. More than 60 robot companies, system integrators and suppliers of gripping technology are in Hanover - flanked by the Robotics Award, the price for applied robot solutions.

"In robotics, the fair offers the entire spectrum for users from the manufacturing industry," says Arno Reich, head of department for automation topics at the industrial fair. "It shows comprehensive systems and solutions from industrial robots to system integration or industrial image processing to mobile robots or driverless transport systems."

A robot that builds itself

Human-robot collaboration is one of the main topics of the fair this year. In the meantime, it offers medium-sized companies in particular the opportunity to increase their competitiveness. One example of this is the lightweight cobot from high-tech start-up Franka Emika. Movable and sensitive like a human arm, the robot system should be easy to use. The Munich-based company is advertising the first robot that builds itself - a manageable investment for 10,000 euros.

The center for robot manufacturers, system houses and industrial image processing at the fair is the Application Park Robotics, Automation & Vision in Hall 17. Visitors can see mobile robots and autonomous systems in action. Exhibitors include Incubed IT, Creform, Götting, WFT and WMV Robotics. Industrial image processing ensures a safe interaction between man and machine as well as efficient processes in Industry 4.0 and smart factory scenarios. Companies such as Asentics, Cognex, Stemmer Imaging and ISRA Vision will also show their know-how in Hall 17.

Robotics Award 2017 at the fair

A key event for the industry is the presentation of the Robotics Award every year. The application process for the prize for applied robot solutions runs until February 17, 2017. The awards are given for technological innovations that make a special contribution to robot-based solutions in the field of industrial automation or mobile robots and autonomous systems. Condition: The submission must be a development presented for the first time or significant further development that is at least ready for the market or has already been tried and tested industrially. The awarding of the prize is on the agenda during the fair for Tuesday, April 25th. The patron of the competition is Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony's Minister of Economy, Labor and Transport. (kj)

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