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Eplan And Cideon Invite You To The Virtual Fair

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Eplan And Cideon Invite You To The Virtual Fair
Eplan And Cideon Invite You To The Virtual Fair

Video: Eplan And Cideon Invite You To The Virtual Fair

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Video: Virtual Fair 2018 - EPLAN and CIDEON 2023, January

On March 21, 2017, the digital gates of the "Eplan & Cideon Virtual Fair" will be opened to customers and interested parties from all over the world. In the 12-hour live operation from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., interested parties in all time zones around the world can visit this virtual engineering fair. This can be done using the PC as well as using a smartphone or tablet.

A team of experts is available in the chat and answers questions live in all major national languages. A time-saving and cost-saving alternative, especially for participants from all over the world, who can take advantage of an international trade fair with global knowledge transfer and global networking.

What can visitors expect at the virtual fair?

An entrance hall from which paths branch off into different virtual rooms. The center forms an auditorium, in which interested parties can watch various live presentations online. In another virtual room, web ex-demos are shown on the real software product, where the visitor can switch on. Company strategies, the new solution Eplan Cogineer, the House of Mechatronics with the communication and information platform Syngineer as well as shop floor solutions in control cabinet construction are the core of the live presentations. There are also topics in the area of ​​ERP / PDM integration and innovations in the Eplan Data Portal.

Networking platform

According to Eplan, this event is not only a time-saving and efficient platform for knowledge transfer for users and middle management: Eplan partners will also find an interesting platform for networking here. Many of these manufacturers are also present with their own profiles. Visitors in the foyer have the opportunity to contact each other directly via online chat.

Registration starts on February 21st. More information at: www.eplan.de/virtualfair. (mz)

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