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Virtual Reality At The Heart Of Production Technology

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Virtual Reality At The Heart Of Production Technology
Virtual Reality At The Heart Of Production Technology

Video: Virtual Reality At The Heart Of Production Technology

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Video: Why Microsoft Uses Virtual Reality Headsets To Train Workers 2023, February

IC.IDO 11 is fully compatible with Head Mounted Displays (HMD) so that manufacturing companies benefit from VR integration in every phase of the development process. Users can interact with their developments in a realistic manner using natural hand and arm movements while making design changes to existing VR scenarios.

Accelerate process design

ESI IC.IDO 11 focuses on supporting the development and validation of efficient manufacturing and assembly processes in all industries. Engineers from the areas of process approval, production planning and ergonomics as well as the management of assembly tools will benefit from IC.IDO's new developments to accelerate process design and assembly planning.

Promote interactive process reviews

In this way, bottlenecks can be avoided and productivity can be optimized. Being able to carry out process design reviews together with colleagues - whether on site or at distant locations - makes IC.IDO an important tool to promote interactive process reviews and to eliminate design errors or ergonomic defects early in the process, even before a physical prototype is built.


Virtual and interactive in the future of development

Examine constructions with head mounted displays for the first time

For the first time, head-mounted displays (HMD) can also be used in IC.IDO in addition to the VR caves, powerwalls and desktop systems. The possibility of using HMDs - like the well-known HTC Vive Business Edition - enables engineers to take a closer look at their designs using immersive VR. Natural hand and arm movements enhance the realistic experience.

At the same time, users benefit from interactions with the product in real time and in its actual size. In addition, engineers can use VR earlier and more often in the development process, since they are no longer restricted by the availability of central resources (VR Cave or VR expert). Your HMDs now offer direct access to a user-friendly desktop VR system at all times.

Virtual reality

Appearance and Being: Virtual and Mixed Reality are changing the world of work

Working together in a shared virtual reality

The special charm of this technology is that HMDs also promote shared experience: IC.IDO 11 allows users all over the world to connect in the same session and use the same data on the same network. Colleagues can work together in a shared virtual reality, regardless of where they are located geographically.

IC.IDO in use in aviation

According to Philippe James, Vice President Continous Improvement and Risks at Safran Nacelles, IC.IDO is changing the way engineers work at Safran Nacelles: Virtual Reality reduces the need for physical prototypes and costly tool changes. At the same time, live team meetings are encouraged so that they can find optimal solutions faster than if they worked in isolation.

Growth for virtual reality expected

The graphic shows a forecast for sales of virtual reality in Germany from 2016 to 2020 (in million euros):

Infographic: Forecast increase in sales of virtual reality products by 2020 | Statista
Infographic: Forecast increase in sales of virtual reality products by 2020 | Statista

You can find more statistics at Statista


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