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A Virtual Personal Trainer To Wear

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A Virtual Personal Trainer To Wear
A Virtual Personal Trainer To Wear

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Video: This smart mirror puts a personal trainer in your reflection 2023, February

Sensors worn on the body, so-called “wearables” in the form of fitness bracelets and smart watches, have long since arrived in everyday life and not only functional technology but also a lifestyle accessory. In the next step, this technique should become increasingly invisible and be one with clothing.

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Virtual personal trainer wins Fashion Future Challenge 2017

The now award-winning system is based on a sensory tissue integrated into the clothing, which detects the movements via shape changes through muscle contractions and is therefore much more precise than conventional movement sensors. This technology was developed at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The foundations for this come from the European research project Simple-Skin. The intelligent training clothing thus measures breathing, muscle tension, balance and pulse and provides feedback on posture and correct execution of sports exercises.

The concept is based on an interdisciplinary team of developers: Gernot Bahle and Bo Zhou, IT scientists in the field of embedded intelligence at the DFKI in Kaiserslautern, and Lorenzo Fürg, student of sports science at the University of Passau. At the Berlin Fashion Week, the winners received the 20,000 euro award after presenting the concept to the jury and the public.

Modular architecture enables diverse applications

Another key component is a modular software architecture for data exchange with other devices. This enables individual training feedback for a wide range of applications using a wide variety of mobile devices. This interaction was shown in collaboration with Carl Zeiss with a head-mounted display that is part of the training outfit.

Prof. Paul Lukowicz, Head of Research for Embedded Intelligence at DFKI is proud of the team and the award: “The success of the Fashion Fusion Award underlines the enormous future potential of wearable technologies for a wide range of applications, such as sports, rehab, medicine, occupational safety, lifestyle or other new applications in everyday use.”In the DFKI center of excellence Wearable AI, Lukowicz and Prof. Gesche Joost, head of the research area Interactive Textiles at the DFKI, are researching the same concepts for sensor technology, data analysis and integration of technologies worn on the body. (mz)

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