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How New Technologies Affect Our Lives

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How New Technologies Affect Our Lives
How New Technologies Affect Our Lives

Video: How New Technologies Affect Our Lives

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Video: Is technology really ruining your life? | David Ellis | TEDxLancasterU 2023, February

Digitization is changing our world. New customer needs and the possibilities of new technologies pose major challenges for companies. As part of an innovation network, the Fraunhofer IAO develops future scenarios and shows how companies can optimally position themselves with a view to the future.

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Study describes living environments of the future

How do people in Germany imagine their own future? Answers to this question are determined in the online survey on the future study #ichinzehnjahren. Participants can incorporate their attitudes towards various future topics such as the self-driving car and other digital services. Based on these findings, the researchers at Fraunhofer IAO are developing future scenarios for 2027. These describe expectations of the living environments of communication, work, leisure, family, money and consumption.

Current online survey

All interested parties can take part in the online survey until the end of February 2017. A mini drone or a fitness armband will be raffled off among the participants ten times. With the hashtag #ichinzehnjahren, anyone interested can exchange ideas on future topics on Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, the Fraunhofer IAO interviewed selected experts from various fields with regard to relevant topics, trends and technologies. The expert opinion completes the study. The future study #ichinzehn Years will be published in June 2017. (mz)

This is how students see the world in ten years:

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