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Securing Young People And Promoting Skilled Workers

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Securing Young People And Promoting Skilled Workers
Securing Young People And Promoting Skilled Workers

Video: Securing Young People And Promoting Skilled Workers

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Video: Youth Friendly Employer Masterclass: Supporting Young Staff Working From 2023, February

The industry association OWL Maschinenbau e. V. has developed successful support programs for employee recruitment and retention, which counteract demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers. One of them: Mint mentoring for students and companies in OWL.

In “Mint Mentoring”, students have the chance to experience professional practice in technical companies and to actively work on their professional development. In return, participating companies can present themselves as attractive employers. By participating in the program, the Harting Technology Group is given the opportunity to get to know young people at an early stage and to present themselves as employers in the region.

Early contact between students and participating companies

Students can enrich theoretical knowledge with practical experience at an early stage and make initial contacts with Harting. The participating universities and the Harting company are strengthening their networking, securing academic success and future prospects for students from mathematics, science, technology and computer science (Mint). Technology group mentors are on hand to help and advise young people. Companies and universities support the program substantially through their expertise, staff and the provision of premises.

Train specialists and strengthen their regional ties

Another promising program is the so-called cross mentoring for specialist development in technology companies. This program supports both job starters and more experienced specialists in the OWL region and strengthens their ties to the respective company.

Harting also uses this networking offer. A wide range of specialists along the entire value chain in the company participates. What is special here is that the Harting mentors accompany a mentee from another OWL company. The Harting mentee in turn receives a mentor outside of their own company. This cross relationship enables very open communication and a special relationship of trust. In addition, on different occasions, such as workshops, people of different ages meet, learn and live cross-generational collaboration. The Harting managers involved also support their own employees in promoting their personal and social skills.

Andreas Broshinski, Junior Product Manager at Harting and mentee in the cross mentoring program: “The combination of workshops and the opportunity to relate what you have learned directly and to discuss it with the experienced mentors present makes the cross mentoring very special. Topics such as one's own positioning in the job and in the company serve to deliberately deal with one's role and pave the way for the future.”The concept also works for the students. Matthias Rogalla von Bieberstein, student of the Department of Renewable Energies (Bachelor of Engineering, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences) and mentee in the program comments:“Thanks to the friendly and trusting exchange with my mentor, I was able to benefit from her wealth of experience, both professionally and personally. In the targeted discussions, she showed me alternative approaches and approaches to professional challenges that made it easier for me to start my professional life."

The program concept and the implementation organization are in the hands of Dr. Angelika Kipp from OWL Maschinenbau e. V. Workshops are carried out with the support of Heidrun Strikker, SHS Consult GmbH.

* Bettina Klaas-Heisener is a consultant for talent management at the Harting Technology Group in 32339 Espelkamp, ​​Tel. (0 57 72) 4 78 72, [email protected]

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