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Wiring More Efficiently: Product Testers Wanted

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Wiring More Efficiently: Product Testers Wanted
Wiring More Efficiently: Product Testers Wanted

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The saving classic in conductor processing is the automation of the core processes: cutting, stripping, crimping. Even with small to medium quantities and series, the hand tool is often replaced by an automatic - usually stationary - solution. Cut-to-length machines, for example, cut the conductors at high speed precisely, “repeatably” and without any significant deformation. For this process, Phoenix Contact offers the Cutfox 10 from its comprehensive range of tools: a sophisticated mechanism makes it possible to process conductors from 0.14 to 10 mm² as well as cables up to a diameter of 8 mm without having to adjust anything. Only the length and the number have to be entered.

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Convenient change to a different cross-section

If electronic wiring lists with length information from ECAD / CAE systems are available, these can alternatively be easily converted using manual software and transferred to the Cutfox 10. A precise cut with a crush-free cut surface then forms a solid basis for further processing.

Product test CRIMPHANDY

The subsequent processes - stripping and crimping - are not just about saving time. The work should also be fatigue-free and comfortable for the operator. Here, stationary devices have the advantage that the hands remain free. With crimping machines, a second hand is helpful in equipping the conductor with a sleeve or connector and then inserting it into the die in the correct position.

The crimp cycle is triggered by a foot switch. With their interchangeable dies for the various types of contact, these processing machines offer great flexibility in the production environment. As an experienced tool manufacturer, Phoenix Contact has the right equipment with numerous crimping dies and other accessories in its product range: the WF 1000 stripping machine for conductors up to 6 mm² and the CF 500 automatic crimping machine for various types of contacts and conductors up to 50 mm².

Bundle processes and increase efficiency

Another way to increase productivity is to bundle the individual skills of stripping and crimping. The so-called stripper crimpers - including the CF 1000 and the CF 3000 - can save up to 70 percent of the time and money, depending on the production conditions.

The conductor is pushed into the device and automatically triggers the process. Stripping, attaching the ferrule and crimping are then carried out in just one step, which takes just under 2 s. The devices process wire end sleeves from 0.25 to 10 mm² reliably and economically.

Compared to a manual or partially automated solution, the consistently high quality is an important advantage of the stripping and crimping machines. Because user errors are limited to a minimum by the automated processes. The CF 3000 is easy to use, extensive training is not necessary. The change to a different cross-section is done in a few simple steps, the components can be exchanged comfortably and safely thanks to their clear color coding.

A special feature of the CF 1000 crimping machine is the ability to process wire end sleeves of different lengths: sleeve lengths of 6 to 12 mm can be selected in a few seconds using an adjusting screw in the device. Both devices - the CF 1000 and CF 3000 - are extremely economical with a cycle of less than 2 s and with the short set-up and cross-section change times. The stationary devices are mainly used in series production and when processing larger quantities with the same cross-sections.

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