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Dosage Of Liquids Of Low And Medium Viscosity

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Dosage Of Liquids Of Low And Medium Viscosity
Dosage Of Liquids Of Low And Medium Viscosity

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The microdispensing system manufacturer Vermes Microdispensing has expanded its microdispensing system portfolio to include the MDS 3000 series for low to medium viscosity media. The Jetter consists of a piezo valve MDV 3010+ or ​​MDV 3020+ and an electronic control MDC 3090+.

According to the company, the system should be ideal for micro applications with increasingly complex functions - for fast and precise production processes in which the exact application of expensive, liquid media is important. The main focus of the further development of the MDS 3000-Series for low to medium viscosity is the further increase in speed and precision, maximum stability and high application flexibility.


Shape memory micro valves in 3D printing technology

For applications where minimal amounts of liquid can be dosed safely and as perfectly as possible, the company provides two basic systems that are designed for the intended media: low-viscosity (MDS 3010+), medium-viscosity (MDS 3020+). With these systems, media up to a viscosity of 8 Pa. s contactless and precise dosing. Areas of application of the new systems would, according to the manufacturer, life sciences, medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals,

Mechanical movement helps with dosing

In order to make these dosing processes possible, a quick mechanical movement must be created behind the nozzle. This task is performed by an adjustable actuator in the valves. Implemented dip switches make it possible to change the parameters at any time during dosing.

A chip in the valve provides monitoring functions in order to achieve the most consistent dosing result. Errors and unplanned interruptions are logged with a real-time clock. The response time to the trigger signal with a switching time delay is approximately 85 μs. The piezo-powered valves offer programmable applications for defined patterns. This allows the user to define his own set of parameters. The robust surface treatment of the tappet suspension is intended to reduce wear and achieve maximum stability. The modular alignment of the systems allows flexible configurations with a selection of nozzles, plungers and fluidics. The MDC 3090+ control unit is compatible with all MDV 3010A and MDV 3020A valves.A local nozzle heater can be added as an option and works with external heating controllers. (br)

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