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Print Technical Drawings Quickly And Cost-effectively

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Print Technical Drawings Quickly And Cost-effectively
Print Technical Drawings Quickly And Cost-effectively

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Before the introduction of the HP Page-Wide XL 8000 printing press including online folding machine in October 2015, Linde Engineering, technology partner for plant construction, used an LED printer. Only black and white pages could be printed on this. The company also used two separate color printers, the technology of which was based on toner cartridges with wax-coated beads.

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Color prints increasingly necessary

“In the past, technical drawings were only made in black and white - black and white printers were ideal for this. However, there has been a significant increase in color printing in recent years,”says Thomas Riedl, Reprographic Department Manager at Linde. “Five years ago we were already thinking about purchasing a large format printer that could print in black and white as well as in color. At that time, however, there was no suitable device on the market that met our expectations of price and quality."

Lowered energy consumption

The investment in the new HP Page-Wide XL printer has already paid off: Since its introduction, Linde Engineering has been able to reduce overall printing costs by 40%. Page-wide technology also has lower energy consumption than LED technology. “At Linde, it is important to us that we use energy-saving materials and solutions. We also pay close attention to the environmental impact,”confirms Thomas Riedl.

30 A1 pages per minute

The HP Page-Wide XL 8000 press is currently the fastest large-format printer for black and white and color printing, it is said. The machine enables printing of up to 30 DIN A1 pages per minute and has two color print cartridges (775 ml per color), which are changed automatically.

Fast printing times

HP Page Wide technology has more than 200,000 printheads attached to a stationary type bar. By printing the entire span of a page, the technology enables much faster printing times than conventional processes. The technology also ensures that printer maintenance is less frequent - this creates more sustainable and improved production capacities.

HP Page-Wide XL printers enable two printers to work in just one device and offer single-color and multi-color printing at very fast speeds - up to 60% faster than the fastest single-color LED printer. (mz)

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