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Industrial Image Processing In Growth

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Industrial Image Processing In Growth
Industrial Image Processing In Growth

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As the VDMA reports, the European image processing industry continues to grow. According to the VDMA's order intake and sales statistics, the European image processing industry grew by 10% in 2016 compared to the previous year. Incoming orders also increased significantly towards the end of the year, so that the industry was able to start the new year with good figures, despite all the political uncertainties.

“Image processing is the trend. The growth continues ", explains the chairman of the board VDMA industrial image processing Dr. Olaf Munkelt. The European image processing industry has been conquering new applications and markets for years. “Many vision of the future, such as the factory or the car of the future, can be realized with image processing. And new trends such as embedded vision open up new fields of application,”Munkelt continues. More details on products, sales markets and applications as well as a more precise growth forecast will follow in June when the annual VDMA IBV market survey is available.

Image processing helps to see machines

The image processing industry in Germany and Europe has been reporting sales records and growth for years. Within ten years (2005 to 2015), the industry's turnover has doubled. According to the VDMA, the German image processing industry is likely to achieve record sales of EUR 2.3 billion in 2016, which would be an increase of 11%.

The reason for the boom: Machine vision systems and robots are getting eyes with machine vision systems. The technology is not only increasingly being used in the automation race of classic industries, but is also conquering new industries. Improved quality, higher reliability, more security and economy also promise non-industrial fields of application for image processing. (kj)

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