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New Docking Frames Enable Optional PE Transmission

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New Docking Frames Enable Optional PE Transmission
New Docking Frames Enable Optional PE Transmission

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According to ODU, the ODU-MAC Silver-Line for automatic docking is characterized by its particularly high number of mating cycles, which should be well over 100,000. It is a robust and vibration-resistant hybrid interface, mainly for industrial use and is intended to offer reliable transmission options for signal, power, high current, high voltage, coax, media such as air or fluids, data rates or light waves.

A solution for secure docking can be selected from the six different docking frames depending on the application. The M + and P + frame variants are new in the portfolio.

The additional features: The new frames should make it possible to optionally carry out the PE transmission via the frame. They are prepared for this as standard. The corresponding earthing kit is ordered and installed separately to enable the earthing connection. The tolerance compensation of up to ± 2.5 mm is maintained and the minimum mating cycles of 100,000 should also be met. According to the manufacturer, the contact resistance according to the standard is maintained and is <0.1 Ohm. The earthing kit M +, P + offers a maximum of 4 mm² connection cross-section even 10 mm². (sh)


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