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Angle Sensor For Ex Areas

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Angle Sensor For Ex Areas
Angle Sensor For Ex Areas

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Since the Ri-DSU35 precisely measures the valve position over the entire range of 360 °, valves with three-way flaps can also be detected. According to Turck, the cleaning position can also be recognized and approached exactly. Since the sensor is installed in the same housing as classic double sensors, it can be installed as usual with the accessories from Turck.

Allows predictive maintenance

The non-contact measuring principle of the Ri-DSU35 works wear-free, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees a long service life and constant accuracy. The 360 ​​° detection of the valve position should also enable predictive maintenance. The user recognizes a worn seal as soon as the sensor outputs a value that deviates from the originally expected valve end position.

The Ri-DSU35 has a terminal compartment connection. To maintain the drive, the terminal list can simply be removed and then plugged in again. According to Turck, this should reduce personnel expenses in the event of service, because the terminal strip acts as a connector and can also be inserted without errors by personnel without special electrical engineering knowledge. (jv)

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